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The Colour Game

My happiness is pinkish, Sometimes yellowish and orange; I am told my heart is reddish, But it bleeds bluish blood. ---- Anonymous For those who like playing with colours, a contrast palette is simply routine! For the rest, who are skeptical of innovation, dissimilarity in the hues can be a challenge undertaken to simply show the world --- a brand new persona.

It is not uncommon for people to create and fall into personal comfort zones, especially when it comes to style and clothes; as spending time everyday pondering over what to wear is often a luxury ill afforded. To add a new dimension without breaking the bank, one need not fret; simply, learn to remix and add a bit of twist with contrasts when pairing the elements of your outfit-- a new combination every week!

Green, Blue – Purple, Pink! Contrasting colours and yet so elegant when put together.

Imagine a sari in off-white, beige or ivory white. What do you pair with these elegant colours – a similar hued blouse and accessories or something absolutely disparate like neon green or carrot orange? The charm lies in the endless possibilities, especially those offered by blazing contrasts, in minimal designs and embellishments. 

We all know, whites imply sophistication and subtlety, but sometimes a dash of colour is exactly what is needed to bring out the best in an all-white outfit, be in the accessories, shoes, shawls of bangles. The easiest way for the Bengali belle however, is the bright blouse to contrast the beauty of the white sari, and add the just right spice. 

The trick lies in picking the right contrast. How do we pair the colours to contrast? Is there any hard and fast rule? Well, there surely isn't. But over time, experiments by the fashion forward and trend conscious have garnered some guidelines to do contrasts without making a faux pas. These are some tried and tested ones.

The white and the orange – The flaming orange maybe a relatively rare choice as the favourite, and when paired off with magenta or blue, it might run the risk of coming out as loud and garish sometimes. But pair the orange with Navajo white, cosmic latte or lemon chiffon; and the effect is an eye-catching outfit without the risk of being an eye-sore. 

The emerald green and royal blue – These maybe shades inspired by the mysterious seas, but they look good anywhere, especially in the wardrobe. If you are wearing a blue sari and darker hued blouse; make sure to pair green accessories to complete the look. You can even wear emerald green blouse in contrast to the royal blue sari and complete the ensemble with white pearls. Just imagine the look in your head and expect heads to turn when donning it.  

The black topping – Black is perhaps the best or easiest colour to create contrasts with, and very shades could possibly be made worse off by the addition of a black element or accent. A black blouse can be easily paired with a green sari, a blue sari, even a blood red sari; any day, anytime. 

So!  If you were worrying about the lack of time to make a suitable blouse to go with your new beige sari, remember the Bengali version of the LBD, the trusty black blouse, always there help you in a pinch. 

Pinks and purples – Colours borrowed from the beauty of springtime nature can be paired off well as parts of an outfit. Since we are discussing saris from the beginning let's continue with the same; clearly the only true and preferred option for many! But this conrtrast is easy to work into dress/scarf or dress/jacket elements too. 

Bengali belles in pink and purples look nothing short of flowers in bloom. There is nothing tricky to this look. Just donning these two colours in contrast will provide a certain glow to the face.

For the modern girl – For the young people or the young at heart who are not too fascinated with the traditional way of wearing the sari or love gowns and western wardrobe. The same rules apply, at least in colour contrasting!

If you are wearing a cape with the sari, a unique drape or a simple skirt-top set, there's no running away from the panache good contrasts can create.

Finally, we can say that though familiarity is easy, style is not attained without a certain daring, a certain flair to flout all rules is the staple to a truly individual style and charisma. The only rule thus becomes, do not be afraid to experiment; just avoid contrasting bright with bright of two entirely different palettes.

If you are not sure at the beginning, try out with subdued colours like pinks and purples – these are very difficult to go wrong in.

When you have gained enough courage, try out the orange with the ivory or the fiery magenta with beige.

Whichever way you go, go with elan!

We have already discussed few trending contrast colours and styles. But do we actually know the trick to adapt these into our daily lives?

I bet most would answer in the negative.

Let me explain further.

When we wear clothes, the main motive is not to highlight the clothes but to make the face more prominent.

In order to do that, a few rules must be followed. If you have dark hair and brown skin, high contrast colour clothes look most suitable. If you have blonde hair and pale skin, a low contrast colour scheme is more suitable as it will complement your natural bearing.

However, does that mean people who are dark skinned and dark haired should never go for high contrast schemes? Nope! When it comes to colour contrasts, a lot depends on your personal carriage, and as cliché as it may sound, your confidence to pull it off.