Air Astra, newest Bangladeshi airline, set to take the skies in Jan 2022

Photo: Air Astra Facebook page

Air Astra, a new private air operator, is set to spread its wings from January next year.

This will be the third private airline in Bangladesh.

Apart from the national flag carrier – Biman Bangladesh Airlines – two other private airlines, namely US-Bangla and Novoair, are currently operating flights.

"We are hoping to launch flight in different domestic destinations from January," Imran Asif, Chief Executive Officer of Air Astra, told The Daily Star.

We are planning to operate flights on all seven domestic routes. If we can collect at least 4 aircraft by January, we will be able to operate flights to all the domestic destinations," he added.

As per the rules, airlines will get permission to operate flights on international routes after operating flights on domestic routes for at least one year.


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