Relationship Matters: Solving Insecurity issues

Star Lifestyle brings to you the brand-new relationship advice column, from certified experts.
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Our relationships and how we navigate them keep evolving with the times. Often, we find questions or worries so personal that they can only be shared with a stranger, but any random stranger is no real solace! Nor is the advice safe. With that in mind, Star Lifestyle brings to you a brand-new relationship advice column from certified experts. This hopes to tackle the host of worries, questions and forks in roads of the relationships plane that includes the personal, professional to psychological.

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I am in a relationship where I feel like I am a nobody since my boyfriend is extra popular and a campus hero. I admire the fact that he gets a lot of attention, and it would be nice if I too had my share. At times, I feel insecure because of all these and also because a lot of girls have a crush on him.


Dear Distressed,

Remind yourself that you are 'special' on your own as well. And your partner actually chose you over the many other girls whom have a crush on him. Extreme popularity in your partner can be intimidating sometimes but a strong self-belief and assurance overtrumps any sort of insecurities.

Please practice self-affirmation every day, to learn more on the technique visit a mental health professional and they will be able to guide you properly.

In short, we can say that try chanting to yourself every day in the early mornings, after your wake up — "I am beautiful, I am powerful, I can do whatever I want, I am enough and I am grateful for everything I have in my life right now."