HSC Graduates, welcome to the best time of your life!

HSC Results
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Dear HSC Graduates, with the results published, you have entered a crucial stage in your life. Some of you have achieved the results you wanted, and some of you have not, but either way, a new journey awaits — university life! The four years that follow will be the years that shape the rest of your life. These will perhaps be the best four years of your life.

Firstly, and most importantly, these will be the years when you study to secure an undergraduate degree; something that will lay down the stones for the pavement on which you walk in the highway of life. Whatever subject you chose to study will most probably decide your career.

These are also the years when you are an adult; without quite the pressure and responsibilities of being an adult. Think of this as being an adult — trial version.

Secondly, these four years are the times of your university life. You will create hundreds of memories that you shall cherish for the rest of your life. Maybe you will fall in love; maybe you will suffer a heartbreak. Either way, you will remember it. You will also meet some people who will be your closest friends. Most people say that university friendships last longer than any other friendship. Which is probably true, you will find out soon.

Thirdly, these are the years of opportunity. The best thing about universities is also the worst thing about universities. They act as an amplifier. Whatever you want to do, whether it is good or bad, universities will offer you plenty of opportunities to do that in a grand scale.

If you want to sing, debate, or just study you will find like-minded people who will assist you. Similarly, if you want to just roam around aimlessly, spend time chatting at a tea stall and forsake studies altogether, you will find people who are doing just that. So, the decision will be yours — which part of you do you want to nurse? It is easy to give in to temptation but one must reconsider before doing so.

And finally, the best years will come with a certain price. The endless pressure of assignments and mid-term exams and the occasional presentations in addition to lab work will certainly keep you busy. You will probably have to pull numerous all-nighters but it will be worth it. Add the tuition and part time jobs in that schedule and you have a battle for yourself.

But you can always bring balance to this hectic schedule by adding a midnight cricket match with dormitory friends, the occasional guitar party or walking to Old Dhaka in the middle of the night for a much-needed snack. The trick is to do everything in balance.  

The university days are challenging but campus life makes it memorable. So, allow me to be the first one to say it, "Hoist your sails people. We've got ourselves a voyage".

HSC Results
Photo: The Daily Star



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