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  • Ashif Ahmed Rudro

  • Exciting features on SINGER Washing Machines

    A washing machine, one of the wonders of modern science, has made washing as easy as pressing a button. One no longer has to slam their clothes against a stone on the bank of a body of water. Instead, just install a washing machine and life will become less tedious and more comfortable.
  • SINGER Microwaves with new offers

    Or imagine slow cooking a chicken for a special occasion. A microwave oven will let you have all of that.
  • Women in technology: beyond the cliché

    As the Iliad depicts, people used to worship Athena, daughter of Zeus who was known for her wisdom, warcraft, and handicrafts. It was Athena who wielded Zeus’s aegis in the battle of Troy. Therefore, there should be no doubt about her ability and worthiness.
  • HATIL Chairs: Finding the Right One

    Exams are just a week away. So, you decide to sit at the table to study a little- it’s about time. You start like any normal person would, but after half an hour, you no longer feel comfortable, so you try to adjust your sitting position.
  • The books talk, if you listen

    We’re going to assume that you’ve heard of audiobooks (no pun intended). While physical books will never go out of style, audiobooks are certainly making their presence known in the modern world.