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  • Ashif Ahmed Rudro

  • HATIL Chairs: Finding the Right One

    Exams are just a week away. So, you decide to sit at the table to study a little- it’s about time. You start like any normal person would, but after half an hour, you no longer feel comfortable, so you try to adjust your sitting position.
  • The books talk, if you listen

    We’re going to assume that you’ve heard of audiobooks (no pun intended). While physical books will never go out of style, audiobooks are certainly making their presence known in the modern world.
  • Ulka Games: A solution for dull hours

    Ulka Games is one of the native developers that are focusing on three genres of mobile games —board games, card games, and hyper casual games.
  • Game in style with Republic of Gamers (ROG)

    “But can it run Crysis?” — this question has plagued gamers for so long and so terribly that it ended up being a running joke in the gaming community. And if you used to game on your laptop, then the concern was quite real.
  • The Fun Snack is a Good Snack

    Tea and biscuit, as simple as it sounds, is nothing short of a rejuvenating potion and if you are going to do that whole ritual, do it right with a biscuit that’s tasty and fun to munch on. This is where Bisk Club’s Fruit Fun comes in.