Quit smoking with these convenient apps

Quitting smoking is undoubtedly a difficult process. As nicotine is a psychoactive meaning stimulant drug, dependence on tobacco-based products can be physical, and psychological. Therefore, smoking is an addictive behaviour, and quitting it demands a considerable amount of effort.
When a person starts smoking, s/he develops a pattern of habits and behaviours. Hence, quitting smoking also means leaving those habits and behaviours behind. Numerous people embark on the journey of giving up smoking for good—yet unfortunately, many fail due to the lack of motivation and effective aid. So, to make this process easier and successful, various apps can be your trusted allies and guides.
Read on to know more about them!    

Up for a challenge and do not want to waste any time to quit smoking? If so, then Flamy is the perfect app for you as it offers a "fourteen-day challenge" to quit smoking in mere two weeks or a "one less every day option" that allows you to gradually eliminate the habit of smoking from your lifestyle. The contents of this app have been designed to keep you well-informed—for example, you can set savings targets and see how much money you have saved.
Additionally, this app analyses your addictive behaviour and cravings and provides motivational cards. The fun part for me has been the games of Flamy as they are a great distraction to defeat the craving for smoking. However, Flamy can only be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Quit Tracker
"What is not started today is never finished tomorrow" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe—Quit Tracker presented me this quote with a simple shake of my phone, and this is one of its prominent features: this app is essentially a motivational tool. You can track how close you are to living a smoke-free life, your daily progress and your health condition; also, a desirable addition: a fun distraction game to get your mind off of urges.
Disappointingly, this app doesn't offer Taka currency, so I couldn't set the price rate of cigarettes to Bangladeshi currency (to track my savings). But other than this, Quit Tracker is undeniably a great tracker and beneficial for those who want to understand the benefits of quitting smoking from a statistical point of view.

Have you imagined quitting smoking whilst being supported by a community that is going through a similar process? Well, QuitNow! provides you with such a supportive community. Additionally, it offers you a personalised dashboard by which you can track your progress and also, some helpful motivational goals that allow you to quit smoking one step at a time.
For me, the best feature of this app has been its health indicators that comprehensibly explain the body's progress day by day, and they are based on the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization (WHO).

Taking inspiration from cognitive and behaviour principles, Kwit offers a playful approach to help you quit smoking. More precisely, this app has been designed like a game and provides personalised strategies such as helping you to keep track of the day-to-day progress, a diary to manage the cravings and to see how smoking cessation has evolved.
What I have liked the most about this app is its motivational cards/articles as these are both accessible and informative. Kwit can be downloaded from both Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Smoke Free
I can save around BDT 68,035 per year by quitting smoking, and Smoke Free has given me this calculation! In addition, this app offers helpful features to analyse and tackle the cravings and a diary to keep track of your progress.
A bonus—you can avail its Quit Coach and motivational missions by using the paid version of this app. Smoke Free is available on both Android and iPhone platforms. 

Lastly, do keep in mind that quitting smoking requires patience and practice. You will have to gradually get used to the daily routines that do not include smoking—to not having nicotine around and giving up tobacco addiction. But no matter how much difficult it may seem, giving up smoking is not an impossible mission. Be sure to know that after getting rid of the habit of smoking, you will find healthy ways to navigate your routines without cigarettes.        


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