Initiative / Hello, what is your emergency?

It was with a lot of pomp and flair that the Dhaka Metropolitan Police launched the official “999” helpline last December; but half a year down the line, data shows that only one percent of the calls could be truly served.

Mojar Ishkool!

Mojar School has been working with the street children since 2013. Its main goal is to reduce the number of children from street jobs or from begging.

initiative / A Life Changing Journey

During the fall of 2009, a young 20-year-old participated in a winter cloth distribution campaign in his hometown Saidpur and was left baffled.

Free Cataract Surgeries for children: A life changing initiative

On Wednesday morning, the comfortable cabins of the top floor of Bangladesh Eye Hospital were cleaned, aired and the floors were mopped extensively for the arrivals of guests.