What legal action can a male rape victim take?

On August 19, 2019, Jamir Ullah*, a 45-year-old father of one based in Sreepur, hanged himself from a beam off the balcony of his home after being gang raped by 10 men.

What men think about #MeToo

The #MeToo movement that burst into the spotlight in Hollywood in 2017 dismantled many perpetrators from their positions of power

Where are the women of the forest?

I would not know it then, but it would be a twelve-hour stretch before I would get the chance to interact with another woman, as I made my way from Dhaka to Tanguar Haor. In those hours, journeying to the corner of Sunamganj to watch wildlife conservationists at work, I met, interacted with and received advice from only men. Why so? Where were the women?

Riding in a man's world

A small but growing number of female riders are making an impact in ridesharing services as well as making a living

Gender / Representation as important as participation

Female education is widely believed to benefit society through both economic and non-economic channels. However, the gender gap in education has excessively focused (and bettered) on school enrolment, while ignoring what is happening within the schooling process.

What it means to be a woman in the workplace

It is rare for women to be at the top, period. And even rarer for that woman to have worked their way to the top—more commonly, those who hold privileged positions often inherit their family businesses. Here, we feature women in diverse industries who have worked their way to the top, in a man’s world.