Five Things

Five Things

five things / Effective charity

For Muslims giving charity is not only encouraged but also a religious obligation. Due to the possibility of earning 'extra rewards', Ramadan presents a happy occasion where we can make a 'profit' from our charity.

5 Ways to Make Your Child Love Bangla More

The Language Movement Shaheeds Mohammad Salauddin, Abdul Jabbar, Abul Barkat, Rafiquddin Ahmed and Abdus Salam had given up their lives to protect the Bangla language from getting lost from the pages of history.

Five Side Effects Of Staying Up Late

Most of us have had to stay awake throughout the night a number of times in our lifetime. But, if you have adopted this habit and tend to feel good calling yourself a “night-owl”, here are five reasons why you may want to consider quitting that title.

five things / Five Factors to Consider Before you say “I Do”

Are you deciding on whether to tie the knot with a particular somebody? Here are a few basic (and some startling) factors to consider discussing with your probable future better-half before believing they are “The One”:

5 things to do For a better you!

Yes, you heard it right. It is not just to ease in digestion, drinking 2 liters of water everyday helps protect you against cancer too.

five things / 5 Bangla Dance Songs for the Biyebari!

A Holud night is incomplete without the folk queen! Along with her classics, the new hit number – Local Bus – would definitely be one of the top songs on the Holud playlist!

five things / 5 traditional Objects That Are Almost Disappearing

Bengali culture and tradition are basically the reflection of our rural settings. Rural lifestyles, crop- production, vehicles, machineries, food, religious beliefs and the nature are the vivid elements of our folk culture.

FIVE THINGS / 5 Ways to Prepare for Winter

Winter is coming. No, seriously. It is coming, and while we're very excited about finally letting go of the unbearable Dhaka heat and humidity, the cold waves can take quite a toll on our bones.