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Is Urvashi Rautela joining 'Kantara 2' ?

Urvashi Rautela to join 'Kantara 2' ?
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The "Kantara" famed director and actor Rishab Shetty recently celebrated the 100 days of the Blockbuster film's release. Captivating the audience with the essence of myths and folklore, "Kantara" is amongst the best Indian films of last year.

While fans thought this is the end of "Kantara", renowned Indian actress Urvashi Rautela shared a picture with Rishab Shetty on her Instagram account alongside a caption that took the fans by surprise.

She wrote, "KANTARA 2 loading."



According to media outlets, Rishab Shetty announced the prequel for "Kantara" along with the promise that "Kantara 2" would be much 'bigger' than its predecessor, at the 100 Day celebration event. "Kantara 2" is expected to begin shooting in June this year.

Hopefully, the audience will soon get to see another iteration of myth and folklore from the director.