Prachyanat to stage ‘Agunjatra’ tomorrow

Theatre troupe Prachyanat will be bringing an interesting new play this Friday, titled "Agunjatra". The play will be staged this Friday and Saturday around 7 pm at the Nilima Ibrahim auditorium of Bangladesh Mohila Samity.

"Agunjatra" highlights the story of the transgender community and the struggles they face in our society. Adapted from a radio-play called "Seven Steps Around the Fire", by Indian playwright Mahesh Dattani, "Agunjatra" has been translated into Bangla by Shahidul Mamun, with Azad Abul Kalam adapting and directing the play.

The play tells the story of a transgender person, Kamala, who is in a relationship with the son of a minister. When the minister learns about this relationship, he arranges for Kamala to be murdered. Later, they frame another transgender person, Anarkali, for the murder of Kamala. 

The play stars Shahed Ali, Chetona Rahman Bhasa, and Shorme Akter, among others.