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Censor board halts Anonno Mamun’s ‘Makeup’ release

"Makeup", a film directed by Anonno Mamun, starring Tariq Anam Khan, Ziaul Roshan, and Nipa Ahmed Realy in prominent roles was previewed by the Bangladesh Film Censor Board today. The film was declared unfit for release according to the appeal committee.

Confirming the news, journalist, and member of the appeal committee, Shyamal Dutta said, "The appellate division has ruled that this film is unfit for screening due to various reasons including very weak production, weak screenplay, bad cinematography."

"Today we were called to the Bangladesh Film Censor Board for the hearing of our film. We made our point there regarding why the film should be released", said the director, Anonno Mamun.

Earlier, the film failed to get censor clearance in 2021 due to the same reason. That time, "Makeup" was released uncut on the streaming site iTheatre.       

Meanwhile, after waiting for long four years, "Saturday Afternoon" received censor clearance from Bangladesh Film Censor Board today.


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