Myanmar's assurance

Back up words with deeds
Win Myat Aye, the social welfare, relief and resettlement minister of Myanmar.

The statement of the visiting minister of Myanmar, Win Myat Aye, that his country would like to take back its Rohingya nationals sheltered in Bangladesh as soon as possible should be backed up by substantiated actions. So far, Myanmar has been procrastinating and delaying the process by putting newer conditions.

Mr Aye did not clarify whether the repatriation would happen in a way the international community and Bangladesh have been asking for. His remarks that the government would "try" to grant citizenship to Rohingyas are unacceptable. Rohingyas are Myanmar's nationals and their citizenships have been revoked. Myanmar must commit that it would certainly grant citizenships to the returnee refugees. 

We are also dismayed by the extremely slow speed of Myanmar's verification process.

Given these realities, Myanmar must prove its sincerity to lend credence to its words. We note that Mr Aye expressed his government's intention to sign agreements with UNDP and UNHCR to conduct the repatriation, which we welcome. We expect that the repatriation will take place based on the Kofi Annan Commission's recommendations, which Myanmar promised to fulfil, and fully monitored by the UN agencies, with full rights of the returnees protected.


বাজেট, অর্থবছর, মোস্তফা কে মুজেরি, সেন্টার ফর পলিসি ডায়ালগ,

বাস্তবায়ন না হওয়ার ‘দুষ্টচক্রে’ বাজেট

বাস্তবায়নের এই গতি যদি ২০২২-২৩ অর্থবছরের শেষ পর্যন্ত অর্থাৎ ৩০ জুন পর্যন্ত অব্যাহত থাকে, তবে টানা ১৪ বছরের মতো সরকার পূর্ণ বাজেট বাস্তবায়নে ব্যর্থ হতে যাচ্ছে।