Editorial | The Daily Star
  • Delayed autopsy report hampers murder investigation

    A report published by this daily on December 7, which suggested that a homicide case was filed as an unnatural death (due to suicide) by the police due to the delay in receiving autopsy report, sheds light on the loopholes in our crime investigation process.

  • Now Meghna is being grabbed!

    We are shocked to learn from a Daily Star report that a part of the Meghna River in Munshiganj is being filled up to set up a petroleum company.

  • Illegal stone crushers are degrading the environment

    A report from Sylhet in this paper yesterday has revealed some very concerning news. At present there are over a thousand stone crushers operating in six upazilas of Sylhet, most of them without permission or clearance.

  • Drug trade in broad daylight

    A report published by this daily on December 7, on the dominance of smugglers on trains connecting Khulna to Benapole via Jashore, is alarming.

  • Hold those responsible to account

    Prices of equipment purchased at Sheikh Hasina Medical College in Habiganj, as this newspaper reported on Wednesday, have been exceptionally high without any explanation.

  • Delayed Rohingya repatriation poses new challenges

    A recent report titled “Forcibly Displaced Myanmar National (Rohingya) in Bangladesh: Governance Challenges and Way Out” prepared by Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) tells us that the country faces long-term financial, political and security challenges due to the prolonged stay of Rohingyas on Bangladeshi soil.

  • Proliferation of small arms very worrying

    The sale of illicit arms brought in from a neighbouring country has been an ongoing activity paying huge dividends to those involved in arms smuggling for decades.

  • Full execution of CHT Accord can brook no delay

    The CHT Accord signed 22 years ago was certainly a very significant achievement of the AL government, especially of Sheikh Hasina.

  • Wasa sewerage lines polluting Buriganga!

    While we are extremely concerned about the level of pollution that has made the water of Buriganga undrinkable (even after treatment) and unusable for any other purposes, the fact that Wasa’s own sewerage lines and drains have been polluting Buriganga came to us as a shock.

  • Railway expanding but failing on quality service

    Bangladesh Railway’s (BR) fortunes appeared to turn around over a decade ago when the government undertook a major overhaul of this public transportation service and invested thousands of crores, every fiscal, to expand its network.

  • Govt. breaks all bank borrowing records

    The government is set to exceed its annual limit for bank borrowing within the first half of the current fiscal year. This is primarily due to poor forecast on revenue collection.

  • PM’s timely call to the global community

    As one of the countries that are most vulnerable to the climate change, Bangladesh has been working relentlessly to combat the effects of extreme weather events induced by climate change.

  • Drug manufacturers spending on the doctors!

    A recent study by BIDS reveals the reasons why medicine prices are high in our domestic market.

  • An observation worth taking note of

    Once again, the observation of the judge in the case relating to the deaths of two students of Shaheed Ramiz Uddin Cantonment College—Abdul Karim Rajib and Dia Khanam Mim—has brought to the fore the anarchy that exists in our transport sector.

  • Disruptions of exam schedule unwarranted

    There are two important points that we would like to flag in this editorial.

  • Awarding licence to another NBFI

    The central bank’s plan to award licence to a new non-bank financial institution (NBFI), despite the struggle of around 10 NBFI’s to pay back their customers and the banks, is disturbing.

  • A learning trip that benefits no one

    Hazraat Shahjalal International Airport (HSIA) has been in the news for some years now. Security, or rather the lack of it had caused a lot of headache for the country’s image. Now, there are

  • Exporters turning away from HSIA

    Hazraat Shahjalal International Airport (HSIA) has been in the news for some years now. Security, or rather the lack of it had caused a lot of headache for the country’s image. Now,

  • A move to prevent Santals from reclaiming their land

    We are surprised and disappointed that despite incurring continuing losses for the last three years, and a track record of more loss than profit, the Rangpur Sugar Mills Ltd in Gaibandha is increasing production which clearly contradicts common sense.

  • Gross anomalies in procurement at FMCH

    The level of corruption that took place in procurement of machines and equipment for the Faridpur Medical College and Hospital’s (FMCH) Intensive Care Unit in 2014 is outrageous.

  • Stop overlooking female migrant workers’ safety

    From the discussion that took place at a meeting at the Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban on Wednesday, concerning the preparation of a work plan to ensure the safety of our female expatriate workers, we are constrained to say that the government’s action here has not been quick, proactive and effective.

  • Central bank soft on serial bank defaulters

    Despite the constant alarms being sounded by us in the media about the relentless rise in non-performing loans (NPLs), we find that NPLs are increasing, and not decreasing.

  • Evicting illegal structures have been ineffective

    A picture published in The Daily Star on November 27 depicting a part of an illegal market building on the Dhaka-Aricha highway in Savar Thana Stand being bulldozed by the Roads and Highways department does not give us much hope that the place that has been reclaimed by the authorities will remain clear for long.

  • A fitting verdict

    The Anti-Terrorism Special Tribunal of Dhaka has found seven of the eight accused in the attack on Holey Artisan bakery, and the brutal murder of 20 hostages and the death in the operation of two police officers in 2016 guilty, and has awarded the death sentence.

  • Gross irregularities, corruption in pilot recruitment

    The Anti-Corruption Commission has filed a corruption case against three high-ups and a former managing director of Biman, in connection with a scam in the recruitment process of pilots.

  • Fighting air pollution needs coordinated efforts

    While only a few days ago, Dhaka’s air quality was the third or fourth worst in the world, the city recorded the worst air quality in the world on November 25, according to Air Visual.

  • Focus on skills is the right approach

    It was a matter of delight that Dhaka hosted a three-day conference on the theme “Future of Entrepreneurship Education and Experiential Learning

  • Will winter vegetables become out of reach too?

    While consumers are still reeling from the shock of the skyrocketing price of onions, despite supplies coming in from abroad, now they are faced with another rude awakening.

  • Preaching the gospel to the devil

    It is a pity that the words of the former UN Secretary General will have no effect at all on the hearts and minds of the military rulers in Myanmar.

  • Violence against women cannot be normalised

    Today marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women which remains a global curse. According to United Nations (UN) data, 1 in 3 women and girls ...