Digital frontiers, breaking barriers




Digital Frontiers: Breaking Barriers

The moment we sit back, relax, decide to cruise, we get truly left behind. This is how technology works in present times. It evolves leaving aflutter the ones unwilling or unprepared to adapt. The pace of change is not for the faint of heart.

Yet, with immense pride, we look around and see this nation taking on the reigns of change without hesitation. We Bangladeshis learn, adapt and grow. It is as evident in the illustrious RMG sector as it is in the rise of the start-up entrepreneurs. No one is sitting back.

We have tech manufacturing now whereas a decade ago we had to rely solely on imports. We make and export bicycles. We even assemble cars and motorcycles to move people. The young people are no longer relying on looking for jobs but instead going out to create new jobs. And with the majority of the population comprising of youth, the progress is simply astonishing.

This year, we celebrate all the technological progress made and to be made. Because technology is revolution. And we are fighting a new revolution.

The third segment of our supplement series, Towards Building a Modern Economy, will be published on February 20, 2018.



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