Fisheries Research Institute recruitment: Candidate passes without appearing for exam!

The written test was held on Saturday afternoon. The result was published at midnight. The viva voce was held the next day. But the rushed results came into question as a candidate who did not even appear for the test has passed it.

These took place during the recruitment of Scientific Officer (Temporary) of Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute (BFRI) under the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock.

On Saturday, November 28, from 12noon to 1:30 pm, the written test of 60 marks against 42 posts was held at Siddheswari Girls' College in Dhaka. After the test, the results were published around 2:30am.

Candidates have complained of corruption in the recruitment test.

Candidates graduating from the fisheries department of various universities, including Bangladesh Agricultural University, took part in the examination.

Many of them told this reporter that the total number of candidates was 2,820 for this exam. But 1,214 candidates participated in the test. More than half of the candidates did not take part because of irregularities in the past.

This time, too, irregularities have been rife and the proof was the candidate with the roll number 2190 who passed the written test without even appearing for it.

Shamsunnahar from Bogura is the candidate bearing the roll number. She is a student of the Faculty of Fisheries in the 2013-14 session of Bangladesh Agricultural University. Asked about the matter, Shamsunnahar told The Daily Star tonight, "I did not go to take the test. I was in Bogura. My friends told me that I have passed the written exam. After some hours somebody repeatedly called from a number and threatened me that since I did not take part in the written test I should not attend the viva voce."

"They said if I attend the viva voce they will file a case against me. Then I wanted to know why my roll came even after not appearing for the test. I have been repeatedly called and threatened. My family and I are in fear now," she added.

Some of the candidates who took part in the test complained that they could not pass despite giving good exams. According to them, there has always been corruption in the BFRI recruitment process.

They said it was the same this time around and if the roll number had not been mistaken, the allegation of corruption would not have been proved. According to the examinees, those who are involved in coding change the roll numbers and show their preferred candidates to have passed, while the qualified ones are left out. Basically, the recruitment is done through financial transactions and kinship.

However, Director General (DG) of the Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute (BFRI) Dr Yahya Mahmud denied the allegations.

Asked about the matter, he told The Daily Star, "It was actually a mistake. If that candidate came for the viva voce, we would have identified that."

Asked how they published the results within hours after the exam at noon, he said, "Nine officials of our ministry and 60 officials of the institute examined the papers."

Asked if there were any rush to make appointments, he said no.

"But If there is any mistake, we will correct it."


Shariful Hasan is a freelance journalist. 


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