Dhaka to see more internet blackouts at midnights, holidays

Internet users in Dhaka city may face more telecommunication blackouts at midnights and on holidays as telecom regulatory authorities are going through more exercises in any particular area of the capital.

As an ongoing process, drill on shutting down internet may take place at any day considering the sufferings of city’s internet users, said Ahsan Habib Khan, vice-chairman of Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (BTRC).

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The exercises aim at assessing the authorities’ technical capability to shut down internet during any emergency, he said while speaking at a press conference at BTRC office today.

Earlier, BTRC announced for a telecommunication blackout anytime between 1:00am and 4:30am on Tuesday in Dhaka city as part of a drill to see if the authorities could shut down internet, mobile operations in case of an emergency like the Holey Artisan Bakery incident.



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