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Our favourite Batman tech that you probably never heard of before

Over the 81 years that Batman has graced the world of popculture, billionaire Bruce Wayne has always leveraged the assets of Wayne Enterprises and his own genius intellect to fight bad guys with some very dope technology. Here’s our top 5 favorite Bat-tech which you are probably going to hear about for the first time.

The Shadowcasters

The Shadowcasters are marble-sized trackers which also double as holographic projectors, which can latch on to targets automatically. These little gadgets allow Batman to keep a track of his targets' movements and whereabouts. But the coolest part is that they can cast a shadow of Batman wherever they go.As the villains remain on the move, the projected shadow makes them think that they are actually chasing Batman and cornering him, when in reality it's Batsy who's leading them to a trap.

Drones and The Bat Spawn

Batman has used supersonics to call bats countless times in multiple media. But with the help of Lucius Fox's Bat Spawn system, Batman can call upon an entire fleet of robot, bat drones. This version of drones used by the Dark Knight is very recent, but Kingdom Come Batman's man-sized drones is one of the coolest techs used by any Batman ever. In this iteration, Bruce is old and fed up with the new generation of heroes. So instead, he deploys a legion of Batman-themed robots to act as proxies while taking a back seat from all the action.

The Insider Suit

This secretive and Justice League inspired Bat-Suit was donned on by Bruce only once, but boy does it come with a fine selection of abilities! While in the suit, Spectral mode gives Batman the ability to stealthily move through the night and Camouflage mode makes him invisible. Heat Vision mode gives him heat vision like Superman, Speed Force mode gives him access to the Speed Force like Flash and Will Power mode allows a Green Lantern-like energy blast. It also comes with a Flight mode and a Teleportation mode. The Veritas mode comes with a lasso, like that of Wonder Woman, which is actually a polygraph machine.

The Echo

Batman has his trusty Batmobile to get him around Gotham, but sadly the thing's not portable. So good old Lucius Fox has developed for him a device called The Echo, which can turn any Wayne tech-branded car into a makeshift Batmobile! This device retrofits the Wayne tech and the engine inside to bypass certain speed limitations, while giving it a very Batman-like visual makeover. Sadly, the car will come with no weapons or armor equipped.

The Final Bat-Suit

Aka Element X Bat-Suit. This is by far Batman's strongest weapon ever, and looks like a Megazord out of Power Rangers! The Final Bat-Suit is white with blue accents, and has a burning gold Bat emblem. In the sixth dimension, Batman built a chair out of Element X that allows him to see people's hearts. But then he took it further and turned it into a Bat-Suit which gives him the ability to not just change people's minds, but to rewrite them cell by cell. This stems from the ability of Element X to alter reality itself. Yeah, try wrapping your head around that.  

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