Five cool techs from the world of Cyberpunk 2077

Under all the bugs and glitches, the world of Cyberpunk is filled to the brim with amazing technology. From the bionic arms to massive flying ships, the technology of Cyberpunk almost makes you forget about the dystopic Night city actually is. Here are the five techs from cyberpunk that we think sand out from the rest.


Let's start with the obvious one. The defining feature of the Cyberpunk 2077 universe is the huge proliferation of cybernetic prosthetics. It seems ever people in night city have traded bits of their flesh for a shiny piece of chrome, while a select few have replaced their entire skin with them. From a simple chip slot to complete Immune system enhancements, these man-made body parts have allowed people to become faster, stronger or at the very least regain lost physical capability. That said, all these amazing technologies do come at a cost. In addition to the large numbers of Eddies need to buy these Cyberware, an overload of cybernetic augmentations might result in Cyberpsychosis.  Those afflicted with Cyberpsychosis have a tendency to be extremely damaging to everyone around them and the affected person never truly recovers.

Alternative Reality Process (Braindance)

As depressing as it sounds, being able to live another person's life is something we wished for at least once in our life. Well, that's precisely what braindance does. According to the official literature, Braindance (BD) are immersive virtual reality and sonic complexities that allow users to fully and realistically experience an alternate reality. A person's recorded thoughts, memories, and physical sensations all can be experienced by the users. Want to know how your favourite actress felt while revving an award or how did that race car driver cross the finish line first? Get yourself to a BD arcade and start reliving that exact same moment! That said, however, a braindance is not an interactive experience, you are just along for a ride. For those who do want control, there's the following tech.

The Net

The internet in Cyberpunk 2077 is wieldy different from the one we use today. For starters, it's a lot more interactive. The net in Night City can be experienced in 3 dimensions, using a complex cybernetic interface called a cybermodem. Users of cybermodem are called Netrunners, skilled hackers who can use and navigate through the information highway faster than any no modem user could. To reference another of Keanu Reeve's works, the net is like Matrix. Everything on the net is fully interactive, and there is a lot of variety in what you can do.  From playing simple video games to advance hacking, everything in the new happens as if you're really there and not seeing it through a monitory. It also a lot more dangerous. The new in cyberpunk is anything but safe, and is filled with malicious software and maybe rouge AI's. Getting into trouble in the net extremely unhealthy for Netrunners, if not outright lethal.

Aerodyne (AV)

While flying cars are becoming a thing in the real world, they are nowhere as cool and sophisticated as the ones found dotting the Night city skyline. From the opulent Rayfield Excalibur to the utilitarian Zetatech Atlus all these flying vehicles are capable are mostly silent, automated, and capable of taking off and landing anywhere. In-universe, they are of course reserved only for the most obscenely wealthy, making them some of the coolest in-game vehicles we can not drive.

Crystal dome windshield

As much as we apricate the big glass windows on our cars, they are quite bothersome. They are quite suspectable to rock chip and other fast-flying objects, are quite expensive to replace in the event of a crack. Moreover, the glassworks two ways, meaning privacy isn't an option and heavy tints can only do so far before becoming completely impractical. Enter the crystal dome technology, a wraparound internal screen that takes over the place of the windscreen, giving the users complete privacy and not having to worry about rock chips while on a road trip. In addition, the screen can double as a massive instrument cluster and allow a car to reach high speed without having to worry about the glasses blowing out. Why isn't this a real-world thing yet?


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