Apple WWDC 2021 roundup

New iPhones, iPads and much more

The event started with the announcement of the new iPad 9th gen and the long-awaited iPad Mini 6 models, where the 9th gen iPad models feature a new A13 Bionic Chip and a new 12MP front-facing camera which also supports centre stage (a feature where the camera tracks and focuses on moving objects automatically).

The new iPad Mini 6 on the other hand, receives major updates over the older model which was announced almost two years ago. The design received a complete overhaul where, the Mini resembles an iPad Air where the screen now is 8.3'' big, which also supports the 1st gen Apple Pencil, Touch ID has been re-routed to the power button and, the tablet also supports the Apple proprietary slim magnetic keyboard.

Both iPads come with a USB type C connector and are priced at $499 and $329 respectively. If you're a student though, the iPad 6 comes at a discounted $299 price; slightly easier on the pocket.

Following the segue of the event, a new Apple Watch 7 got announced, which comes with two new, slightly bigger screen sizes; 41mm and 45mm, which also received newer features accommodating the new screen, where full qwerty keyboard fits.

Although the new series 7 watches are set to come out later this year, you can get the watch in various material finishes and brand collaborations, namely Nike and Hermès. Prices for the Apple Watch Series 7 starts at $399 for the 41mm version and $529 for the larger, 45mm version.

Then came the part we had all had been patiently waiting for. After many leaks, renders, and potential rear case designs from Chinese manufacturers, the new iPhone 13 models are here. This year, Apple updated all the existing iPhone models where the regular 13 gets a hardware design update; just as the renders predicted, where the two cameras are set diagonally to each other.

Although like all bold actions from Apple, the design language of the phone is received criticism, then along the year, the designs grow on people where people just accept it. Although the iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max receive minimal changes in their design apart from a new colourway, Apple finally decided that it was time to bring in the 120Hz high refresh rate on the Pro model phone screens.

Other than that, all the new iPhones, including the mini, receive newly updated Retina XDR displays, with smaller notch designs, which increase the footprint of their screen surface area. They also receive new A15 Bionic Chips, new 12MP camera sensors which support a new feature called 'cinematic mode' which automatically sets the dynamic range through their updated software AI, to match and enhance the colours of various scenes where the camera is pointed.

The iPhone 13 Pro and Pro max, on the other hand, has extra telephoto lenses which can now zoom almost 3x the original frame optically.

Finally, all the iPhones receive an increase in battery capacity but, charging methods do not change. On the port department, USB-C is yet to be seen; this year lightning will do.

Now comes the pricing, starting at $699 for the 128GB iPhone 13 Mini, $799 for the regular iPhone 13, $999 and $1099 for the 13 Pro and Pro Max respectively. You can also opt for the first ever 1TB iPhone Pro model, which comes with a hefty $1599 price tag.