Are we over-communicating to our customers?

In a world that is exceedingly inundated by messages, it is, perhaps, time for businesses to think about whether we are over-communicating with our customers.

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'Raise awareness, capacity-building for sustainable finance'

The financial sector in Bangladesh is still facing challenges in moving towards sustainable finance due to a lack of awareness and capacity-building, stakeholders said yesterday.

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Going Cashless: A path towards sustainable growth

Cashless payments are clearly gaining momentum, aided by increased regulatory support that is fueling innovation, a prime example being contactless payments.

bKash in Kotler’s marketing book

Two case studies of mobile financial service provider bKash have been featured in a local edition of “Essentials of Modern Marketing”, a marketing book written by professor Dr. Philip Kotler

Tax rebates needed for recovery of e-commerce: e-CAB

Different tax rebates are needed to help e-commerce companies in Bangladesh regain their growth trajectory after facing a significant downturn for the past two years, according to industry people.

New platform to thwart fraud in e-commerce

The commerce ministry yesterday launched a Central Complaint Management System (CCMS) in order to protect consumers from fraud while purchasing goods and services from e-commerce firms.

Central complaint management system to prevent e-commerce fraud

The CCMS platform will act as a bridge between the consumers, regulators and the e-commerce stakeholders

Daraz Group to reduce 11% of workforce

Daraz Bangladesh will also lay off dozens of employees as part of the plan of its mother organisation, Daraz Group

Now e-commerce falls prey to soaring inflation

Bangladesh’s e-commerce platforms have been witnessing a drop in sales in recent months due to high inflation and rising delivery costs. 

HC-appointed Evaly board resigns

The High Court-appointed board of directors of beleaguered e-commerce platform Evaly has ‘resigned’, said a member of the board.

Golden Harvest won’t invest in e-commerce

Golden Harvest Agro has decided not to proceed with its plan to open an e-commerce business, with the company’s board citing yesterday that it was for the unstable economic outlook of the country. 

Daraz to invest Tk 1,000 crore in Bangladesh in 4 years

Daraz intends to invest Tk 1,000 crore in Bangladesh in the next 3-4 years to ramp up its operation by building infrastructure and ecosystem, the Alibaba Group-backed e-commerce venture said today.

5,867 complaints against E-orange, only 33 settled so far

Only 33 out of the 5,867 complaints filed against controversial e-commerce platform E-orange as of June this year have so far been settled.

5,815 complaints against Evaly in a year, resolved only 353

A total of 10,747 complaints have so far been filed against Evaly and only 4,495 were settled as of June this year, according to the DNCRP.

E-commerce Scams: Year passes, few get redress

Over a year has passed since government agencies cracked down on several e-commerce platforms for not providing refunds or delivering products of thousands of customers after luring them with hefty discounts. 

“Missing server password holding up payments to Evaly customers, merchants”

A missing server password is holding up any and all meaningful methods of paying back Evaly customers and merchants – and there is seemingly no way to retrieve this password.

Give loans against digital business ID

E-commerce entrepreneurs yesterday urged the government to provide them with bank loans by taking into account their digital business identification (DBID) in place of trade licences.

E-commerce sites want bank loans against digital business ID

E-commerce entrepreneurs today urged the government to provide them with bank loans by taking into account their digital business identification (DBID) in place of trade licences.