'Shootouts' With Law Enforcers

68 killed in 6 months

As many as 68 people have been killed in “crossfire” during encounter with law enforcement agencies in the first six months of this year, says Ain o Salish Kendra.

Of them, 46 were killed in “crossfire” with police, 13 with Rapid Action Battalion, eight with detectives and one with Rab and police, says a report published by ASK yesterday.

The rights group says plainclothes men identifying themselves as law enforcers picked up 44 people between January and June. Seven of them have returned, two bullet-hit bodies were recovered and three others were shown arrested later.

However, none of the law enforcement agencies has admitted picking up any of them, ASK says.

The rights body has prepared the report based on its own findings and reports published in eight leading national dailies.

It says 14 people were killed in shooting by members of the law enforcement agencies.

Besides, seven people died due to torture, heart attack, physical sickness or mysterious causes when they were in custody.

The ASK report mentions 25 prisoners and inmates who died between January and June.

As many as 185 incidents of political violence also took place, resulting in 37 deaths and 2,570 injuries.

A total of 280 women were raped. Sixteen of them were killed after rape and five committed suicide. Besides, 39 women escaped rape attempts.

Moreover, 58 women fell victim to sexual harassment during the corresponding time and three of them committed suicide. One woman and four men were killed as they protested against sexual harassment.

Besides, 201 women fell victim to domestic violence and 144 of them were killed and 23 others committed suicide. Alongside, 34 women became victims of physical torture.

The ASK report says 143 women fell victim to dowry-related issues. Of them, 68 were killed, six committed suicide, 58 suffered physical torture and 11 others were abandoned by their husbands.

The report further says 22 domestic helps faced different forms of torture. Four of them were killed after physical torture, one was killed after being raped and seven others died due to mysterious reasons.

As many as 18 women were thrown acid and four women fell victim to arbitration and Fatwa.

Violence against children was alarming in the country this year, warns the report.

As many as 629 children were either killed or tortured. Of them, 132 children were killed, 37 committed suicide, bodies of 18 children were recovered after they had gone missing and bodies of 44 children were found later.

Moreover, 15 children died due to mysterious reasons.

In the past six months, 25 houses of the Hindus were vandalised and torched. In this time, 98 incidents of idol vandalism, arson attacks and vandalism at temples and altars also took place.

In these incidents, one person was killed and 51 others were injured.

Fifty-three journalists were tortured, harassed and received threats and obstacles for performing their professional duties.

Samakal reporter Abdul Hakim Shimul was killed by bullet fired by Shahzadpur municipality mayor Halimul Haque Miru in Sirajganj.

Along the border, seven Bangladeshis were killed by Indian Border Security Force, four were killed due to physical torture, 13 received injuries and 25 others were kidnapped.

Four Bangladeshis were returned after being kidnapped following initiatives taken by Border Guard Bangladesh.

The administration imposed section 144 on 25 occasions across the country. Twenty-two people were killed in mob beating, added the ASK report.


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