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  • Shykh Seraj

    Shykh Seraj

    Shykh Seraj is Bangladesh's pioneer development journalist. He received country's two highest civilian honours, Swadhinata Puroshkar and Ekushey Padak, respectively. He is an Ashoka and Bangla Academy Fellow. He also received highest award for agricultural journalism from the United Nations, FAO A.H. Boerma Award, Gusi Peace Prize (Philippines) and many other prestigious accolades at home and abroad. At Channel i, he's the Founder Director and Head of News. He's also Director and Host of Channel i's popular agro-documentary, Hridoye Mati O Manush.

  • A smart device may revolutionise fish farming in ponds

    I remember when I used to tell farmers to do fish cultivation in ponds during the '80s, they used to get surprised. They used to reply, "What do you mean by fish cultivation, rice and jute can be cultivated." Farmers didn't use to think about cultivating anything else
  • Bottle gourds take potato lands in Munshiganj

    It is not possible to bring a change alone. But the change is to start from an individual level. And of course, the most difficult part is the start. I have tried to observe very closely the agricultural change in North Bangladesh after liberation.
  • CIAME 2018: Machines to control farming

    Wuhan is a populous city of the world's most populous country China. The capital city of Hubei Province, Wuhan, is apparently quiet and calm. I think, only in October, the city gets revived with a unique event.
  • Millionaire through cultivation of year-long mango

    People who tasted the sweetness of mango know how great the fruit is. Emperor Akbar was once suffering from stomachache. The doctor advised the emperor to eat mango, which would heal the disease. It did indeed.
  • Biogas plant: New door to possibilities

    I grew up in Dhaka city, the city that I love most. My favourite city. During our childhood, Dhaka was so beautiful. I believe it was more beautiful than many other cities I travelled.