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  • Shykh Seraj

    Shykh Seraj

    Shykh Seraj is a Media and Agriculture Development Activist. He is an Ashoka Fellow and recipient of Ekushey Padak, FAO A.H. Boerma Award and many other prestigious accolades. At Channel i, he is Director and Head of News. He is also Director and Host of the popular agro-documentary, “Hridoye Mati O Manush”.

  • Duck rearing turns boon for marginal families

    Khutigachha village in Sirajganj's Tarash upazila is very well known for duck rearing. It's amazing to see them in groups swimming through the beels (wetland) of Tarash.
  • Football in hearts of Bangladeshi farmers

    Dear readers, very happy Eid greetings to you all!
  • Into the kingdom of papayas

    Dear readers, a few days back I went to Gazipur Sadar's BK Bari Chhitpara to visit a papaya orchard of a young farmer, Ziaul Haque. It's not just a papaya orchard. A 42-bigha (16 acres) papaya orchard. In 2003, Ziaul Haque started cultivating papaya for the first
  • Millionaire thru integrated farming

    Another young agro-entrepreneur. His name is Mohammad Kibria Gazi who lives in Narsingdi's Shibpur upazila. Not so long ago, in 1995, he started fish cultivation with a single small pond. He also started a livestock farm with one cow.
  • Innovative seedling farm bears bright prospect

    Seed is the greatest need to produce crop. Often it's regarded as a challenge. The perspectives of challenge in this key agricultural