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  • Shaer Reaz

    Started his writing career as a willingly-underpaid writer for Rising Stars, former youth magazine of The Daily Star. Currently he feeds his obsession for all things related to cars by working as Sub-Editor of Shift (automotive publication of Daily Star). He was part of Shift's inception since 2013. This Dhaka University economics student is mostly broke from buying scale model cars, fixing his real car and eating terrible food that often causes him food poisoning. To supplement he also takes on career related articles for Next Step. He is often seen keeping the office computers warm by playing LAN games of Need For Speed Underground 2 because that is the only game that will run on all the computers. In 2015.

  • Startups - A success story?

    According to a Global Innovation Index report published in July 2018, Bangladesh is ranked 116th out of 126 nations, the lowest score in Asia—below India ranked 57th and Pakistan ranked 109th.
  • When automakers are bored of building cars, they build…

    You know what they say—it's easier for a company to stay afloat in space instead of in financially troubled economies. Actually, no one
  • 2018 BMW F90 M5

    If there's any petrol-head who requires an introduction to BMW's famed M-division, it's highly likely that they're not a petrol-head at all. For over 45 years, the letter “M” in the context of German performance cars has meant an undying pursuit of driving thrill,
  • 2018 BMW World Singapore

    The 8-series' rebirth has been much hyped globally—the original V12 powered 8 from the 90s became an icon even though it was a sales flop, and BMW fans have been screaming for it to make a return. The 8 looks gorgeous in the flesh, with sleek lines and Grand Tourer proportions that make this gentleman's racer a salivating prospect.
  • The world's first Bangladeshi designed car is here, and it's fantastic

    Karl Benz, the German credited with making the first working internal combustion engine and revolutionising the motorised vehicle forever, was probably just tired of using horses.