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  • Sayam U Chowdhury

    Sayam U Chowdhury is a Conservation Biologist, currently working on threatened species conservation and research in Bangladesh and abroad.

  • Nature Quest: Eden of egrets

    Unlike winter, monsoon is a quiet season for bird-watchers and travellers but the season holds its own beauty. For nature lovers, it's a
  • An unseen world worth preserving

    I remember my failed attempts to draw the convoluted coast of Bangladesh during art classes possibly 25 years ago.
  • Eyes in the shadows

    Six years ago we were camping at Hail Haor in Moulvibazar's Sreemangal to study migratory passerine birds. Although our work involved watching birds early in the morning,
  • Nature Quest: Secret life of the Slow Loris

    As the final light of the day hid behind the canopy, the first bat of the night unfolded its wings and the last bird of the day
  • Nature Quest: The end of colourful peafowl

    Karim mama used to display bird feathers just across our school gate. He only had feathers of one kind -- long and spatula-