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  • Rebecca Haque

    Rebecca Haque is Professor, Department of English, University of Dhaka.


    The little girl in the yellow summer frock looks up at the floating fluffy clouds. Wide-eyed, head tilted back, smiling at the gliding, feathery edges of the dense mass.
  • A grain of salt

    Unbearable sticky sweaty subtropical hotness of August. Disgruntled and disgusted at the shocking turn of events following the popular “Quota” and “Safe Roads” movements.
  • A lament for lost space

    Last week, The Daily Star's investigative reportage exposed the work of criminal gangs and henchmen stealing rich top soil from precious arable land to sell to powerful, profiteering brickfield owners.
  • Shadowtime: Notes on living in two temporal scales simultaneously

    Memories of my father are keeping me awake tonight. Two hours to Fajr Azan on the Friday before Independence Day.
  • A Requiem for February

    Pahela Falgun, the first day of spring, did not work its magic of rebirth upon my soul. I felt no quickening, burgeoning re-awakening of the creative spirit in myself, nor did I find it in the natural world around me.