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  • Rebecca Haque

    Rebecca Haque is Professor, Department of English, University of Dhaka.

  • Bangabandhu and the birth of our nation

    Incarcerated in the camps in (West) Pakistan after the surrender of General Niazi and the capture of over 90,000 Pakistani soldiers, the Bengali Armed Forces Officers and their families counted the days and months as they eagerly awaited repatriation to their newly liberated motherland.
  • Woodsman, spare that tree!

    Did not Joyce Kilmer say, “I have never seen a poem as beautiful as a tree”?
  • Red sun and green earth

    When, in March 1971, my eyes first beheld the radiant facsimile of the flag of Bangladesh – the small handprint of my deltaic
  • Poisoned Wells: A Tender Tale of Love and Death

    when the well is dry,we learn the worth of water”—Benjamin Franklin
  • Three POEMS

    Is there a silver moonstone for me