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    Reaz Ahmad

  • Food Assistance

    Food assistance for poor declines

    This has been a bad crop year so far with back-to-back floods inflicting losses on the agrarian economy and seriously affecting livelihood in half the country.
  • China-Funded Projects: Dhaka seeks to speed up deals

    More than a year after the Chinese president's historic Dhaka visit, some of Bangladesh's key development projects have finally gained momentum.
  • Aman yield projected to be less this year

    Aman output likely to fall

    Bangladesh is bracing itself for another less productive rice season as the United States Department of Agriculture predicts decline in acreage and yield of Aman. Aman is the most important rice season in the country after Boro.
  • Some veggies not that safe

    Some veggies not that safe

    Consumers in Bangladesh are still unsure if the vegetables in their daily dishes are safe even though four years have gone by since the Food Safety Act was enacted.
  • 'Super rice' in sight

    Scientists have long been considering the idea of engineering rice plant in a way that the global production of the cereal gets a dramatic boost. The idea came from the concern that the traditional research, which results in just one percent rise in the yearly yield, would not be enough to meet the ever-growing demand.