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  • Nurul Amin

  • Rare disease paralyses lives of three siblings

    Three siblings, all infected with a rare disease, are passing inhumane lives as they almost lost the ability to walk or even stand on their feet.
  • Aman farmers in despair

    Farmers of char (coastal island) areas in Subornachar upazila are awaiting a bumper Aman crop but they are worried as viral disease has been destroying the paddy in the fields.
  • Meghna wreaks havoc in Hatiya

    Vast areas of Boyarchar, Nolerchar and Karingchar in Hatiya upazila under the district are being devoured by the Meghna river.
  • When will Chatkhil fire station start operation?

    Chatkhil residents are yet to get quick benefit from fire service as a new fire station in the upazila of Noakhali has stayed non-functional for around two years.
  • Hogla

    Hogla pata turns fortune of Noakhali women

    Nearly fifty thousand ultra-poor women in four unions of Noakhali Sadar upazila have changed their lot by making different types of mats and rope using hogla pata (elephant grass).