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  • Mohammad Shafiqul Islam

  • An intellectual at his finest

    Aaj O Agamikaal: Nirbachito Shakkhatkar (Daily Star Books, 2020) by Professor Serajul Islam Choudhury and edited by Emran Mahfuz, a young
  • The pandemic in poetry

    "The virus is slowing us down to the speed of poetry.” – Billy Collins
  • A Poetry Evening at Oxford

    Among the contemporary poetic voices, the name of Ilya Kaminsky shines bright. An American-Ukranian poet, Kaminsky has already earned name and critical acclaim, publishing two collections of poetry, which have received rave reviews in front-ranking literary journals and newspapers. His latest collection is Deaf Republic (2019), whereas the first collection is titled Dancing in Odessa (2004).
  • Prof Masud Mahmood

    Literature, kerosene and Professor Mahmood

    The moment the news of students pouring kerosene on a professor came to my attention, I instantly thought it must be fake news. Either that or I was hallucinating. Because the thought of pouring kerosene on a professor and trying to light him on fire—an attempt to murder—is indeed shocking.

    I want to write a poem about a dog though I've already written some poems that feature dogs. Sometimes I want