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  • Maqsoodul Haque

    The writer is a Dhaka based, jazz-rock fusion musician, poet, writer, Baul researcher and cultural activist.

  • The Culture of Intolerance and Resistance to change

    It was immediately after the overthrow of the dictator H.M. Ershad in 1990 that our nation made its gradual progress towards representative democracy. Like all avenues of culture, dictatorship of nearly fifteen years brought in its wake several new and abominable cultures that the nation was least prepared for. The euphoria of freedom post 1990-91 led on to a democratic transition with open elections which on surface was 'free and fair'.
  • The Culture of Intolerance and Resistance to Change - Part 3

    The tragic events of August 1975 had cascading effects in our cultural life, with very few equals in our tumultuous history. It was to be the beginning of a long and debilitating experience as our political life i.e. a new nation with a nascent democracy, strong trends towards secularism and progressive efforts at driving culture
  • The Culture of Intolerance and Resistance to Change - Part 2

    Post independence Bangladesh had lingering sadness creeping into our lives and would overwhelm our culture at every juncture. The first years were spent trying to resuscitate the nation back from its collective grief and trauma of the war.
  • The Culture of Intolerance and Resistance to Change - Part 1

    Unfortunately, these conflicts have spilled over to the millennium where 'globalization' or 'global cultures' are just not random inferences.
  • Driving Cows, Goats and Humans in Mirpur Traffic!

    For those of us not using chauffeur driven cars and literally 'battling' an existence by self driving or using Uber, CNG three wheelers or public transports to commute - matters in the lanes, by lanes, streets and main roads of Mirpur where I live is a time bomb ticking to explode. Unending and ongoing 'development works' of nearly four years, have rendered all side and by lanes impassable to traffic.