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  • Inam Ahmed

  • Firearms license law in Bangladesh

    Private Armed Guards: Firearms law flouted at will

    Many private banks and influential individuals are illegally employing armed guards in violation of the firearms law.
  • 21 August Attack: Babar-nama

    It was the cabinet's oath-taking night after the 2001 parliamentary elections. The phone rang in the newsroom of The Daily Star. On the other end of the phone was the quivering voice of a man who, in his Dhaka University student days, was an infamous “armed cadre” of a political party.
  • Janata Bank for Auction

    Janata going BASIC's way

    Janata was almost a sound bank, the best among its state-owned peers until last year. It saw a dramatic fall in just six months since January this year.
  • Tarique Rahman-Lutfozzaman Babar

    Crown to crime

    He was hardly known to outsiders until his father, General Ziaur Rahman who became Bangladesh's president in the process of several coups and counter-coups, died in another military putsch in May 1981. Through a Bangladesh Television programme, the countrymen, eventually came to know of Tarique Rahman. And today, he is facing life term as the court verdict goes. From the crux of political power he now lives the life of a fugitive.
  • liquor business

    Licence of lies

    It is a piece of paper full of lies and yet it is the legal government document that allows a person to drink alcohol in Bangladesh.