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  • Debt trap?

    Devoid of the whims, high-handedness and the Cold War propositions of the bilateral and multilateral donors, smaller countries had found a new source of financing in China. Its funds could be easily tapped without being imposed with the harsh conditions like those of the World Bank and the IMF
  • The 14-year illustrious journey of Galleri Kaya

    His Bhootergoli home seemed like a tubular, elongated chamber; dark and air heavy; dimly lit even at night. But it always gave the feeling of an art gallery.
  • Tenth, toughest

    As we understand, budgets are drawn up to prioritise where to spend money and how to do it. It is also about how to collect that money. The end result would be growth, prosperity and a people better equipped to face the tomorrow.
  • BGB-BGP conducts joint patrol border

    ROHINGYA: A forgotten people

    It has been exactly six months when the Rohingyas started streaming into Bangladesh to escape the ethnic cleansing in Myanmar and it took exactly the same many months for the world to forget them, to make them truly nobody's children.
  • Licence to rape

    As women narrate their stories of shame– of how they were raped repeatedly by Myanmar army to the media, the case becomes even more convincing for UN special representative of secretary general to put soldiers on dock at the ICC in Hague, as she promised. Only one problem, and not a small one at that, may throw the spanner in the wheel – that Myanmar is not a signatory to the Rome Statute to the ICC.