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  • Ihtisham Kabir

  • Birds of Brazil

    The Hyacinth Macaw has to be seen to be believed. The world's largest parrot, with big mischievous eyes, is coloured deep blue with splashes of yellow. It is an endangered species and one of the 1900-odd types of birds found in Brazil.
  • Haor Sunset

    I have been here in Hail Haor, Molvi Bazar, since early afternoon. The hot sun bears down on this cloudless and breezeless day. The muddy road is cracked and parched. It is the wrong time of year to look for birds, for I see only drongos, shaliks, pond herons, egrets and a few kites overhead. The more interesting and colourful birds are not here. They are en route on their long flight from northern lands and will arrive in two more months.
  • The Yacare Caiman

    The Crocodilia order of reptiles comprises of two dozen species, including the Nile crocodile of Egypt, the alligators of Florida, the estuarine crocodile of Sundarban and the increasingly rare gharial of our rivers. Members of Crocodilia have several common features.
  • Summer Visitors

    When we think of migrant birds, we automatically think of winter migrants. That's when numerous birds of dozens of species migrate from colder countries to our land for warmth. They stay here for the winter, fatten up for their return trip, and leave late winter or early spring. They normally do not breed here.
  • A New Mouse

    At about 8pm on the night of 8th September this year, Hassan Al-Razi Chayan and Abdur Rahim, accompanied by Forest Guard Mozaffer, were walking on a trail of Adampur Forest in Moulvi Bazar. They were searching for nocturnal animals using several