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  • Plants of Sundarban

    I am visiting Sundarban and, as always, its plants amaze and confound me. How do they survive in this harsh unfriendly environment dominated by saline water and inundated by tides twice daily? How can I learn to identify these plants which are different from those of mainland Bangladesh?
  • The Bird of My Dreams

    Sometimes when we want something very badly and try hard to get it, it eludes us.
  • The Black Stork

    The Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna of Bangladesh, Vol. 26, Birds describes the Black Stork thus: “It is a large, glossy black waterbird
  • Sreemangal's Baikka Beel

    Baikka Beel

    Baikka Beel is a large, shallow lake at the southern end of the wetland Hail Haor. It is located midway between Srimongol and Molvi Bazar.
  • That Whale

    By now many have seen it: the photograph and video of the giant humpback whale as it leaps out of the ocean and flies a short distance before landing on the water, its entire body clearing the water's surface for a second or two.