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  • Ihtisham Kabir

  • Indian Spotted Eagle

    It all started when I overheard my friend Niaz speaking with Shafiq at the Bird Club.
  • Our Cranes

    Cranes are special birds, sometimes called “the birds of heaven.” Because of their large size, grace and beauty, cranes are well-loved. Many cultures hold them in high esteem.
  • Dingo

    It was Meryl Streep that made the Dingo famous.
  • Golden Hour at the Haor

    Arriving at the Haor just before sunset, I realize, once again, the magic of Golden Hour. I am standing on a strip of land bisecting a fishpond and surrounded by water. Stillness has descended on the water, the muddy land and the trees, but I still feel a fine breeze on my skin. The autumn sun has decided it is done for the day and is rapidly retreating. A thin layer of mist settles over a patch of reeds growing in the pond. With hardly a bird or animal in sight, my photographic goals are foiled; nonetheless I am glad to be here.
  • Golden Jackal

    I had taken just a few steps into a large, soggy field in the Haor when from the corner of my eye I saw two doglike animals, thirty feet to my left, sprinting in the same direction as I was headed.