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  • Ihtisham Kabir

  • Lives of a Photographer

    I was fortunate to have discovered the photographs of Kertesz early in my photographic life. They have inspired and nourished me for decades.
  • Remembering Majeda

    Majeda Haq, a star of Bangladesh birding and a development professional, left us on 6 June, 2019. Her untimely departure - in addition to the death of wildlife researcher Tania Khan in March - made 2019 a painful year for conservationists of our land.
  • Haor Storm

    It was two hours before sunset when I entered Hail Haor, though you couldn’t tell the time from the grey sky. The road had weaved through half a dozen villages before the land and the sky abruptly opened up all around me. Inside the Haor, the rice fields were glowing with soft green rice seedlings and the beels were brimming with monsoon water.
  • Avian Tourism

    In recent years, while travelling abroad for bird photography, I have become an avian tourist. The idea is this. Suppose you are a devoted birder who wants to see the Yellow-headed Picathartes, a bizarre looking rare bird found in western Africa. You decide to fly to Ghana looking for it. But you will need a guide, someone who knows where to find the Picathartes. You will also need to rent a car, make bookings in hotels, etc. Before long you have planned an expedition and your friends join in.
  • A Changed World

    I recently attended my daughter’s graduation from Cornell University. The important day - one of pride and happiness for our entire family - recognized her four years of hard work in two fields: Mathematics and Statistical Science. For me it had additional significance. That’s because me and my son also graduated from the same university.