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  • Hiya Islam


    Let’s face it, a virus with the same name as an alcoholic drink has got us all indoors. We have got lost internships, deferred graduation and zero paychecks.
  • Stay Home, Stay Fit

    Six feet. Quarantine. Sanitizer. These words have been ringing in our ears for the past few weeks. With cities looking like ghost towns, the virus has finally got its way with us locked indoors, washing hands 24/7, devoid of hugs and sunlight.
  • New Type of Ramadan in 2020 during pandemic

    A New Ramadan

    Covid-19 continues to haunt our daily lives. Different events and mass gatherings are either cancelled or have been postponed indefinitely due to the high risk posed by the coronavirus.
  • Why can’t women have pockets?

    It’s 2020 and what do we still not have yet? Flying cars, cyborgs, space trips, and pocket equality.
  • New Market to Nimiso

    There is a deep-rooted charm to this part of Dhaka, at New Market, a bustling zone of hawkers, shops and people, of all sorts. It is here where “fixed price” is a fallacy, the world is your oyster and you can get your hands on virtually everything as long as you can bargain.