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  • Ali Sakhi Khan

  • Yama Hot Pot & Grill: The Essence of a hot pot

    Walking into a hot pot date is nothing short of a challenge. With little experience; scratch that — no experience — it is quite a daunting task. And that is exactly where Yama Hot Pot & Grill comes in; pioneering the very concept of hot pot in Bangladesh.
  • Craftsman Fashion

    These principals are testimony of the founder’s love for the environment and his morals, since leather tanning is one of the biggest sources of water contamination.
  • A Slice of Joy

    My mother had been nagging me to register her into Cookups for about a year now. She had gotten to know about it from our neighbour and was elated to find out about a platform which will finally allow her to put her passion to work— cooking.
  • Speaking of Collars

    Mastering the right collar for yourself involves understanding the geometry of your face and neck. If you have an oval face, you would want to balance the shape out by wearing a ‘spread out’ collar. Wearing a collar which is long and pointed down would give the impression of an elongated face.
  • Grande Boulevard- An exhibition like no other

    Grande Boulevard perfectly captured grandeur in its aesthetics and impeccable execution. The exhibition was an unprecedented feat, bringing together high-end local and international names under one roof to celebrate the upcoming festivities of Eid-ul-Adha.