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  • Ahmede Hussain

    Ahmede Hussain

    Editor of The New Anthem (Tranqubar; Delhi; 2009). ahmedehussain@gmail.com

  • She was a model

    Media trial is a nasty business, and women are its worst victim. Thus, a woman caught with the cough syrup Phensedyl can be reported as 'Phensi Queen' or a girl in possession of methamphetamine tablets will be called 'Yaba Princess'.
  • #Revolution Made in Facebook

    September 15, 2015. Hundreds and thousands of private university students took to the streets of the capital to press home their
  • Reclaiming the streets of Dhaka

    A good beginning lies in setting up examples, precedents that will help the violators of the law to know that one will be punished regardless of how influential s/he may be.

    Amidst the political uncertainty and apparent “terrorist attacks” that have given Bangladesh some bad press, prompting two foreign cricket teams...
  • #NoVatOnEducation

    In the last decade a major change has taken place in our tertiary education. Gone are the days when only students from the upper class background - English Medium to be precise - would go to private universities in Dhaka, which now have pupils from faraway districts