Maleka Khan’s tale of 1971 (Part-3)

What had happened to rehabilitation of female war victims?

Soon after the Liberation War in 1971, the government had set up the Bangladesh Central Women Rehabilitation Centre to rehabilitate a large number of female war victims who were mentally and physically traumatised and many of whom were socially rejected.

The centre was doing huge tasks in giving treatments and other helps to these women. But soon after the change of political scenario with the assassination of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman in 1975, the activities of the centre were temporarily stalled.

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Social worker Maleka Khan, who served as a director of the Bangladesh Central Women's Rehabilitation Centre, while talking to The Daily Star shared how she became involved with the centre and started working with Begam Sufia Kamal.

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She vividly illustrated the time and incidents related to war victims' rehabilitation program. She also argued why the women victims should be called freedom fighters instead of 'Birangona'.

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