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    Khalid Hussain Ayon

  • Rakher Upobash: Festival of Loknath followers in Narayanganj

    During the last 15 days of Bangla month of “Kartik”, the followers of “Loknath” light small lamps and special incense asking for the betterment of their loved ones’ health. They also fast in the name of “Rakh” hence the name “Rakher Upobash”. Also known as “Kartik bhroto”, the festival is held on every Saturday and Tuesday in those 15 days.
  • An aquatic solution to purifying water

    Even in this day and age of technological advancement when many things that were unthinkable 10 years ago are now commonplace, the millennia-old problem of availing safe, clean water for everyone remains one of the biggest challenges for humanity.
  • Brahmanbaria train accident survivor recounts horror

    Dr Minhaj Uddin, who survived the Brahmanbaria train accident, recounts the scenes of horror during an interview with the Star Live.
  • Elora’s artworks

    Elora’s art of colourful threads

    Elora’s room full of portraits of famous people, recreated historic photographs and paintings will catch anyone’s eyes for her use of a unique medium to create those.
  • the joy of reading

    For the joy of reading The Daily Star

    Pledge Harbour International School in Dhaka recently includes the reading of The Daily Star newspaper in its curriculum for the students.