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  • Shunno Ayon

    Khalid Hussain Ayon

  • Currency Museum in Dhaka

    What’s there in the Currency Museum?

    Watch the Star Live video to know more about the only “Currency Museum” of the country, an initiative of Bangladesh Bank, established in Dhaka’s Mirpur-2 area.
  • Disaster Resilient Floating House

    Dream house

    Several lakh people in Bangladesh are hit by floods every year. Many lose their homes to the disaster and have to seek refuge in shelters and on embankments until the water recedes.
  • Vintage Photography in Digital Era

    The analog camera is long forgone in today’s modern world. However, for young enthusiasts like Fahad Al Alam, the cameras of the past are a thing of passion. Watch the video on Star Live to know Fahad's story.
  • Vintage cars: A walk through time

    Watch Star Live to know more about Mahmudul Faruq, an automobile enthusiast, and his unique collection of vintage cars.
  • Antoinette Termoshuizen

    Dutch Woman's Calling: Improving the lives of children with disabilities

    People call her "Vindeshi" or a foreigner. But this Dutch woman, who loves to call herself "Khalamma" or aunty, has spent 20 years of her life to make life better for children with disabilities in Bangladesh.