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Rakher Upobash: Festival of Loknath followers in Narayanganj

During the last 15 days of Bangla month of “Kartik”, the followers of “Loknath” light small lamps and special incense asking for the betterment of their loved ones’ health. They also fast in the name of “Rakh” hence the name “Rakher Upobash”. Also known as “Kartik bhroto”, the festival is held on every Saturday and Tuesday in those 15 days.

An aquatic solution to purifying water

Even in this day and age of technological advancement when many things that were unthinkable 10 years ago are now commonplace, the millennia-old problem of availing safe, clean water for everyone remains one of the biggest challenges for humanity.

Brahmanbaria train accident survivor recounts horror

Dr Minhaj Uddin, who survived the Brahmanbaria train accident, recounts the scenes of horror during an interview with the Star Live.

Elora’s art of colourful threads

Elora’s room full of portraits of famous people, recreated historic photographs and paintings will catch anyone’s eyes for her use of a unique medium to create those.

For the joy of reading The Daily Star

Pledge Harbour International School in Dhaka recently includes the reading of The Daily Star newspaper in its curriculum for the students.

Jobike: An alternative vehicle solution in Dhaka

Bicycle-rental service JoBike, which has now rolled out its service in Dhaka, after a year of its successful piloting in Cox's Bazar, plans to transform the two-wheelers as one of the main modes of transport in the congested city.

What’s there in the Currency Museum?

Watch the Star Live video to know more about the only “Currency Museum” of the country, an initiative of Bangladesh Bank, established in Dhaka’s Mirpur-2 area.

Dream house

Several lakh people in Bangladesh are hit by floods every year. Many lose their homes to the disaster and have to seek refuge in shelters and on embankments until the water recedes.

Vintage Photography in Digital Era

The analog camera is long forgone in today’s modern world. However, for young enthusiasts like Fahad Al Alam, the cameras of the past are a thing of passion. Watch the video on Star Live to know Fahad's story.

Vintage cars: A walk through time

Watch Star Live to know more about Mahmudul Faruq, an automobile enthusiast, and his unique collection of vintage cars.

Dutch Woman's Calling: Improving the lives of children with disabilities

People call her "Vindeshi" or a foreigner. But this Dutch woman, who loves to call herself "Khalamma" or aunty, has spent 20 years of her life to make life better for children with disabilities in Bangladesh.

Inspiring Dutch woman lives for Bangladeshi children with disabilities

Meet Antoinette Termoshuizen, a Dutch woman more popularly known as ‘Khalamma’, who has spent the last 20 years of her life making life better for children with disabilities of Bangladesh.

Shakrain: The festival of kite, light and fire

Have you ever seen the sky flooded with kites, lights and fireworks during the Shakrain or Ghuri Utshob that brings life to the most congested part of the Old Dhaka? Watch our Star Live video on Shakrain to know more.

Discover Bangladesh: Sajek, a valley in the clouds

The healthiest location in Bangladesh, Sajek is a must visit for tourists willing to spend some time in the nature and roll over through the days in the passing clouds.

Sonargaon Crossing: Where traffic law is broken every moment

Police have put up signs warning buses of punishment for stopping near the roundabout at Sonargaon intersection in the capital's Karwan Bazar.

Japanese band made in Bangladesh

Watch the video to know about Mae Watanabe and Shunsuke Mlzutani from Japan and their band, "Bajna Beat", that is made in Bangladesh and covers popular Bangla songs.

Basic Ali season 2 to hit the screen in November

Season 2 of the comedy series Basic Ali, based on popular cartoon strip of the same name, is set to be launched on Youtube and in a TV channel in November.

Story of a renowned sculptor

Haripada Pal, a versatile artist aged over 60, is one of the most renowned sculptors in Bangladesh and has attained fame for his lifelong devotion and passion in making endless number of sculptures. Watch the video to know his story.

History and sufferings of Rohingya community

Watch the Star Live Video to know more about the history of the Rohingya people of Myanmar's Rakhine state, who migrated from Bengal to Myanmar (then Burma) several hundred years ago, and have been a subject of hatred and oppression by the Myanmar authorities.

'Projonmo Talkies' Young voice in Bangladesh film Industry

When the mainstream films are not focusing on issues like terrorism, gender discrimination, eve teasing or social injustices, a group of young filmmakers thought of bringing these issues to the forefront.

Now there’s this in Dhaka: Tree Doctors

There are professionals around the world who are doctors of trees – known as an arborist. This profession has made its way into Bangladesh’s capital Dhaka.

You can own a boat only for Tk 3,500 in Dhaka

Do you know that there is a market in Dhaka that sells boats, where you can buy one for as cheap as Tk 3500? Watch the video for more information.

Exclusive: Tete-e-tete with Nusraat Faria

An actress who shot to fame after she was called up in West Bengal from Bangladesh, Nusrat Faria is a name that is all over the entertainment industry today.

Discover Bangladesh: Khoiyachora Waterfalls

How many of you have heard about the Khoiyachora waterfalls? Perhaps not many have heard about this little known gem of a tourist spot. This waterfall has the highest number of steps in the country—earning it the name “queen of falls”.

Bonsai: The Living Art

Do you know a big banyan tree can grow on your balcony or rooftop? Sometimes you can display it to beautify your drawing room! Yes, you can do this by bonsai art.

Biman’s all-women crew flight for women’s day

National flag carrier Biman Bangladesh Airlines operates an all-women crew domestic flight in commemoration of Women’s Day.

Parambrata, Aparna share preview of ‘Bhuban Majhi’

Writer-director Fakhrul Arefeen Khan’s new film “Bhuban Majhi” tells a story of how a simple man was inspired to join the Liberation War in 1971.

[WATCH] Maleka Khan’s tale of 1971 (Part-4)

Maleka Khan, former director of Bangladesh Central Women’s Rehabilitation Centre and former organising secretary of Bangladesh Girl Guides Association, shares her story of losing her younger brother in the Liberation War in 1971.

Maleka Khan’s tale of 1971 (Part-3)

Social worker Maleka Khan, who served as a director of the Bangladesh Central Women’s Rehabilitation Centre, shares how she became involved with the centre and started working with Begam Sufia Kamal.

Maleka Khan’s tale of 1971 (Part-2)

Maleka Khan, the former organising secretary of Bangladesh Girl Guides Association, tells her experience of the 1971 Liberation War.

Maleka Khan’s tale of 1971 (Part-1)

When the Liberation War began in March 1971, former organising secretary of Bangladesh Girl Guides Association Maleka Khan like many others also faced the atrocities of war and made it to safety by escaping from Dhaka to her in-law’s house in Narsingdi. In this episode, Maleka Khan shares her experience of the war.

Game shows how nation was born

You may have played history-based war games like Brothers in Arms or early Call of Duty series. But you have never played a war game

The symbol of love and a mansion in ruins in Barisal

Barisal, the south-western district of Bangladesh holds many treasures. Among them are the majestic ruins of the Lakutia Zamindar Bari in the quaint village of Lakutia and the Durga Sagar, one of the largest ponds in the region. Watch the video to find out more.

Autumn white fields of Dhaka

What is it that makes the month of October so different from the rest of the year? The sky wears a deep blue colour with specks of white clouds. And as you roam the country in this season—you will surely notice white seas of Kans Grass (Kashful) covering newly formed lands, shoal and the river banks.

Oxford Mission, a century old church in Barisal

While roaming the streets of Barisal city, a majestic red brick colonial structure drew my attention. From far it looks like a huge locomotive designed with beautiful archways and a dome on the top. If you have already seen it, you know what I am talking about.

Habib talks about creativity, music, his likes and dislikes

Would you believe that the famous Bangladeshi musician Habib Wahid’s main revenue from his music comes from mobile phone ringtones?

Sundarban-10, most luxurious launch of Bangladesh

It is a 300-foot by 50-foot three-storey behemoth with a lift and a coronary care unit (CCU). Yes, we are talking about none other than the biggest and most luxurious launch on Dhaka-Barisal route in Bangladesh -- the Sundarban 10.

Demand for plants high at Brikkho Mela

Plants were never before this popular with Dhaka dwellers as it is this year. According to nursery owners who are participating in the on-going national plant fair “Jatiya Brikkho Mela” at Agargaon in Dhaka, the sale of plants this year has surpassed that of any previous years.

Rickshaw painting in Digital age

With the advent of the digital printing press, Riskshaw painting a previously well known art form is on the verge of extinction. Many painters had to switch their profession to survive the "digital revolution".

Tea garden workers: Living like slaves for 175 years

Imagine that you and your ancestors have been living in an area for 175 years; but you don’t have any right to own a land. Imagine that after living in an area for so many years, you cannot even sell a tree that you planted without the permission of the ‘authority’. This is the story of almost any tea garden worker in the country.