Offline Siri, 3D maps, screen sharing: Apple's iOS 15 is here

Apple has finally released the iOS 15 for the public and it's available to download now in Bangladesh. We have received our first update and here are the key highlights:

A new Safari

Safari's new "tab bar" mode, which places the URL bar at the bottom of the screen changes the old Safari layout completely. It's taking some getting used to. But being able to swipe between tabs is more convenient, and Apple has fixed the URL bar's behaviour so that it stays at the bottom of the page. If you prefer the old style, you can easily change it in the Settings app.


A new feature in FaceTime, SharePlay allows you to be on FaceTime with others and continue working, watching or listening to music and even share your screen. It seems great for collaboration or virtual hangouts.

Focus mode

Focus modes, which are essentially a beefed-up version of Apple's existing Do Not Disturb, allow you to set specific apps and contacts to ping you at specific times. Focus modes can be activated at specific times of the day or in specific geographic locations, as well as toggle specific home screen layouts. You can also have iOS 15 switch Focus modes on and off for you based on when it thinks you'll want them on or off.

Live Text

You can use your camera to capture any text, whether it's handwritten or typed, and Live Text will turn it into copyable text. Tap and hold to bring up a "live text" icon in the same pop-up menu that copy/paste commands live in to snag text directly into a message or email in the camera app, with photos you've saved, in Safari, and even in most text fields.

Offline Siri

For the first time, Siri can now process speech entirely on the device, allowing for (theoretically) more secure and faster interactions, as well as offline Siri commands. Those are obviously limited in what they can do, but you can still use them to open apps, set timers, and toggle settings while your phone is in aeroplane mode.

Revamped Apple Maps

Apple Maps is releasing a new 3D map that appears to be quite fancy. The new, more detailed maps look fantastic, but their functionality is severely limited. San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and London are expected to be available at the start. Trees, bridges, and major buildings are now visible in Apple's stylized 3D view, and streets even show individual lanes when zoomed in.

What else?

Several Apple apps, including Photos, Music, Safari, Podcasts, and Apple TV Plus, now include a new "Shared with You" section. It's a good reminder of Apple's stranglehold on your phone's core services. Links, photos, Apple Music songs, TV Plus shows, Apple News articles, and podcasts will now be highlighted in Apple's corresponding apps if you receive them.

There's a built-in VPN like masking system called Private Relay, which is still currently in Beta. The Weather app also receives a facelift. 



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