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  • Nari Nirapotta Jote

    Withdraw time bar on Pahela Baishakh celebrations: Rights body

    After coming down heavily on the government instruction to finish all celebration programmes of Pahela Baishakh at open places by 5:00pm, a women rights body demands withdrawal of such restriction.

  • Once upon a time in Afghanistan…

    Presently, Afghanistan is one of the most challenging places in the world to be a woman, bit it was not always such a repressive country. Photographs from the 1950s and 60s depict a very different Afghanistan.

  • Withdrawal of reservation

    The Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) was adopted in December 1979 as a bill of rights for women. Till date, it has been ratified by 188 countries of the world.

  • Towards a consensus on Bangladesh priorities

    There are nearly as many different opinions about what Bangladesh should focus on to achieve middle-income status as there are Bangladeshis.

  • Gallant fight to win back husband

    A young woman in Mymensingh stages hunger strike to win back her husband who refused to accept her as wife even after one and half years of their marriage.

  • Flavia Agnes

    "Legislative and cultural change cannot come about separately."

    Flavia Agnes, prominent Indian lawyer and co-founder and director of MAJLIS, India, speaks to Nahela Nowshin of The Daily Star on May 16 at the second forum of Gender, Justice and Religion held at Spectra Convention Centre in Dhaka.

  • BNP apologises to women

    BNP apologises to the country’s women over sexual assault on some women by rowdy men during Pahela Baishakh celebrations on Dhaka University and Jahangirnagar University campuses.

  • Rural women's double jeopardy

    JUST how vulnerable the village women are to harassment, coercion and graft while seeking justice or claiming other entitlements has been brought to bold relief by a TIB study.

  • #SheForHe

    THE International Woman's Day comes every year with new campaigns, new tag lines, new slogans and newer pledges. Every year, there seems to be more men endorsing women's rights.

  • Women's Day

    Feminist solidarity in neoliberal times

    ANOTHER International Women's Day has come and gone. This year, my Facebook feed was jammed with passionate debates on the merits of the BBC documentary 'India's Daughters.'

  • divorce rights

    Hindu women's divorce rights

    Divorce is a procedure whereby the married couple decides to separate and break all the vows that were taken during the sacred ceremony of a marriage. In Bangladesh the Hindu women are suffering greatly to seek divorce or to demand compensation from husbands.