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  • Student protest for safe road demand

    No bail yet for the 22

    The private university students arrested on charges of vandalism and attacking policemen during protests for safe roads have repeatedly been denied bail in the last one week.

  • Another Road Crash: Teen's death sparks protest

    Students and villagers blocked Rangpur-Kurigram road for nearly four hours after a 10th grader was run over and killed by a speeding bus in Ghagatpara area of Rangpur yesterday morning.

  • Govt intolerant of dissenting voices

    Speakers at a rally yesterday said the arrest of photographer Shahidul Alam reflected government's intention to gag freedom of expression and it could not tolerate dissenting voices.

  • Protest for demanding justice

    33 held, 29 cases filed for violence during student protests

    Police have lodged 29 cases and arrested 33 people on charges of violence including vandalism and arson attacks on vehicles during the students’ demonstration demanding safe roads.

  • Traffic Week: 6,476 cases filed against offenders

    Mainly cars and motorcycles came under police scrutiny on the first day of “Traffic Week” yesterday, amid an unannounced transport strike.

  • Protesting university students attacked

    Protesting university students attacked on Green Road

    A group of miscreants attack students of University of Asia Pacific who took position on the road opposite to Green Super Market expressing solidarity with school students demanding safer roads since July 29.

  • Students checking driving licenses

    Students check licenses, discipline traffic

    Taking matters on to their hands in an attempt to bring discipline in traffic management, the students have now engaged in enforcing rules and regulations. Such actions have been reported from all over – Chittagong, Tangail, Narayanganj, Savar and other places – led by protestors in Dhaka.

  • Students stop police DIG

    Students stop police DIG, find no licence or papers

    Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of River Police Habib was cruising along Karwan Bazar in his black jeep, hoisting a signboard ‘police’ to avoid the students on the road. But the school and college students who are on the streets since Sunday had no time for hierarchy and spared him not. They stopped him up and asked for papers.

  • Bangladesh Celebrities Group

    Celebrities take part in students' demo for road safety

    A group of celebrities take to the streets expressing solidarity with the students demonstrating at Uttara demanding safe roads.

  • Protests ripple all over Bangladesh

    Students across Bangladesh join in protests, echoing the demand for safe roads in parallel to those agitating in Dhaka with perseverance. Reports of blockades enforced have come from Savar, Narayanganj, Tangail, Natore, Bogra and Rajshahi so far.