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  • Reducing the environmental impact of RMG industry

    On April 22, people in countries across the world took part in a global day of political and civic action for World Earth Day, an annual event dedicated to environmental protection, first celebrated in 1970.

  • RMG sectors in 2018-19 Bangladesh Budget

    Enhancing equality within RMG industry

    All men are created equal, as the United States of America's Declaration of Independence states, and this is a principal that should be admired and adopted by all developing nations in the world today. But how far has this principal been implemented, and what improvements can be made to further develop this ideal within the RMG sector of Bangladesh?

  • Employment growth falls in industrial sector of Bangladesh

    A false alarm?

    Following the visit of robot Sophia to Bangladesh in December last year, there has been a lot of discussion about the possibilities of using automation in industries and its impact on jobs. As the ready-made garment industry is our lifeline, the discussion has mainly been on the impact of automation in the RMG industry.