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  • Quota system in Bangladesh govt jobs scrapped officially

    Scrap almost all quotas

    Almost all quotas in civil service should be abolished and merit-based recruitment prioritised, suggests the committee formed to evaluate the quota system.

  • BCL yet again attacks quota reformists

    Defying Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina's warning, Chhatra League men have yet again attacked activists of the quota reform movement.

  • Quota movement leader Rashed khan's family

    A mother's appeal to another

    A distressed Saleha Begum struggled to hold back tears as she begged for the release of her only son Muhammad Rashed Khan, a quota movement leader under arrest since July 1.

  • BCL actions outrageous

    When a group of teachers was staging a rally at Dhaka University yesterday against repression on students and teachers, Chhatra League men assaulted some quota reformists on the campus of Chittagong University.

  • quota system reform

    Committee for quota review may seek 90 more days

    The committee formed on July 2 to “review, reform or cancel” the quota system for civil service may seek 90 more working days as it has not finished collecting information and reviewing reports about the system, sources said.

  • primary and secondary school final exams

    FF Officials' Benefits: Govt yet to implement HC verdict

    Freedom fighters who won a legal battle six years ago are yet to get their retirement benefits for public service as the government has not implemented the court's verdict.

  • Quota system in Bangladesh govt jobs scrapped officially

    Flawed logic for quota

    The government has been referring to a Supreme Court “order” on the reservation of 30 percent quota for the children of freedom fighters for the last few days, arguing that it cannot be changed.

  • Teachers, students stage protests

    “The university is the place of practicing freethinking where everyone has the right to express their opinions. But such attacks on the campus are not acceptable,” he said.

  • I want my boy back

    Shahana Begum was frequently turning to have a look at the photo of her son printed on the banner. But every time she did it, tears welled up in her eyes making it difficult for her to start the press conference.

  • quota system reform

    Quota Movement: DU, RU given legal notices over attacks by BCL men

    Thirteen Supreme Court lawyers yesterday sent legal notices to the authorities of Dhaka and Rajshahi universities to inform them in 24 hours what action has been taken against the BCL men for attacks on students demanding quota reform in public jobs.

  • Quota reform movement leader Faruk Hassan

    Quota reform leader Faruk denied bail

    A Dhaka court rejects the bail petition of quota reform leader Faruk Hassan in a case filed for attacking police and vandalising vehicles during the quota movement.

  •  Quota system scrapping in public service

    Quota Movement: Three leaders sent to jail after remand

    A Dhaka court yesterday sent three leaders of the quota reform movement to jail on completion of their two-day police remand.

  • Quota system in Bangladesh govt jobs scrapped officially

    Clarify your stance

    Eminent citizens yesterday called upon the government to make clear its position over the quota system in civil service, in the wake of repeated assault and arrest of quota reformists in the past few days.

  • Arrest admitted after daylong DMP denial

    Following denial throughout the day, police yesterday evening admitted arresting a quota reform leader from the capital's Shantinagar.

  • FF quota to stay

    Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina yesterday said it is not possible to reform the freedom fighters' quota in public jobs due to a High Court verdict.

  • Never said outsiders are barred

    The Dhaka University authorities yesterday claimed they never said “outsiders were prohibited on campus”.

  • Liberation War Affairs Minister AKM Mozammel Haque

    No scope for changing the 30pc quota

    Liberation War Affairs Minister AKM Mozammel Haque yesterday said there is no scope for bringing changes to the 30 percent freedom fighters' quota in public jobs because of a Supreme Court order.

  • Dhaka University Logo

    No outsider allowed!

    The Dhaka University authorities yesterday said no outsider will be allowed to roam or stay on the campus without prior permission, a move that goes against the very character of the country's premier university.

  • Quota reform movement leader Rashed Khan remanded

    Quota reform leader Rashed remanded again

    Quota reform leader Rashed Khan has been taken in for a second phase of remand grilling amidst countrywide outcry demanding his unconditional release.

  • Quota Reform Movement

    'What an ordeal I am facing'

    With bandages from toe to thigh on his right leg and eight stitches on left side of his head, Toriqul Islam is unable to turn to any side while lying in his hospital bed.

  • quota system reform

    Quota Reform: Committee holds 1st meet today

    The seven-member committee formed “to review or reform or cancel” the quota system for the civil service will sit for its first meeting today.

  • Quota reformists attack

    Govt playing 'dubious role'

    A group of guardians and other citizens yesterday accused the government of playing a dubious role on the quota issue.

  • Quota reform movement victim Moriom

    Every moment felt like hell

    Her eyes were full of fury and voice quivered with rage. She looked frustrated and also a bit traumatised while narrating the physical assault, verbal abuse and mental torture she endured at the hands of those against quota reform and police.

  • Why this merciless beating

    Commentary: Why this merciless beating?

    Under what law, by what right, is the BCL beating up the students? Why are the police a mere spectator in all this? On Monday, police were seen leaving the Shaheed Minar just as they saw the BCL men coming to attack the protesters. Reportedly, a number of female students were also manhandled and even kicked. Was it a case of law enforcers leaving the ground so the law breakers could have their way?

  • Committee formed for quota review

    Government high ups are considering civil service quota reforms, said Cabinet Secretary M Shafiul Alam yesterday.

  • No progress on quota gazette

    There has been no progress regarding the publication of a gazette abolishing the quotas in government jobs, the cabinet secretary has said as the deadline set by demonstrators expired yesterday.