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  • antibiotics in poultry feed

    Worrisome state of food safety

    Earlier this year, this paper published a report on the widespread use of meat and bone meal (MBM) in poultry feed which can cause

  • antibiotics in poultry feed

    Poultry feed laced with antibiotics

    A government study has found various types of antibiotics in almost 50 percent poultry feed samples of 14 brands collected from four districts.

  • Protein feed ban must stay

    The poultry industry is keen to have the government lift the recent ban on import and sale of meat and bone meal (MBM), a protein concentrate that is used as feed for chickens.

  • Animal Feed: Govt orders stricter monitoring

    The Department of Livestock Services (DLS) has ordered all its offices across the country to strictly monitor the quality of poultry and animal feed.

  • antibiotics in poultry feed

    Protein for poultry found harmful

    The government has banned import and sale of meat and bone meal, a protein concentrate for poultry, because of its health risks to human and livestock.