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  • Dream big, achieve big

    Shaheed Suhrawardy National Indoor Stadium is filled with jubilant high

  • Aiming beyond great grades

    They have achieved the highest grades in A-levels and O-levels in the country, which is something for all to be proud of. The achievers are happy too, but they say the grades are not everything.

  • 58 bask in global glory

    The gloomy, dark sky above Mirpur's Shaheed Suhrawardy Indoor Stadium could do nothing to dampen the infectious enthusiasm inside the venue full of some of the brightest young minds who were laurelled yesterday for their academic success and brilliance.

  • The Daily Star honours 2055 high achievers

    The Daily Star honours 2055 high achievers in O, A level exams

    The Daily Star awards 2055 high achievers in O- and A-Level examinations with the inspiring tagline “19 years of saluting the nation builders of tomorrow”.

  • Shine, always

    It was of course a celebration of success and brilliance. But what came up prominently throughout the programme, organised to honour the O- and A-level achievers of the country, was love and respect for the motherland and those who laid down their lives for its birth.