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  • Nature Quest: The Jacobin’s Bangladeshi summer

    A visitor bird and seen often during summer, the Jacobin Cuckoo has made yet another appearance in Bangladesh during it’s mating season.

  • The city's 'first' shade of purple

    For the first time in a generation, a rare Purple Heron was spotted near a lake in the capital. These birds of Bangladesh are seen only occasionally in the reed beds of large fresh-water lakes called haors.

  • Flocks of monochrome

    With the arrival of winter, the shallow waters and narrowing width of the mighty Padma becomes host to a number of animals in search of the nutrition it provides.

  • Hazarikhil Wildlife Sanctuary: Plan to build road without clearance

    The Roads and Highways Department is razing parts of Hazarikhil Wildlife Sanctuary in Chattogram to build a 12km road without assessing its environmental impact or obtaining permission from the environment ministry.

  • The Woolyneck comes home

    At the beginning of the 20th century, the globally vulnerable Asian-Woolynecked stork had begun disappearing from East Bengal, now Bangladesh, after which the Encyclopedia of Flora and Fauna of Bangladesh termed this species of stork “a former visitor of Bangladesh”.

  • The fort of the Alexandrine

    A centuries-old Mahogany tree, bearing ancient stories of the now abandoned Balihar Zamindar Kachari Bari of Bogura's Shahjahanpur upazila, remains a palace of sorts to the widely beloved Alexandrine parakeet, or Chandana tia in Bangla.

  • Nature Quest: Exotic Grey Peacock

    The Grey Peacock Pheasant can be found strutting across the forest floors of Fatikchhari. The bird is rare in Bangladesh and seen in the

  • Nature Quest: A sign hard to fathom

    The Kotka beach in the Sundarbans is mostly empty apart from the plastic bottles and trash that wash ashore. Imagine the shock of forest guards who stumbled upon the rotting carcass of a 40-foot whale while patrolling the beach in August.

  • Nature Quest: Flames of the cannon

    Even though the zamindar of Mymensingh's Shashi Lodge area, which is now under the care of the Archeological Department, left about seven decades ago, some of the treasures they left behind still attract passers-by enough to go inside and take a peek.

  • The silent spirit of the skies

    We awoke before sunrise to the sound of rain and the smell of wet earth, slightly worried about the trail that we were taking for the

  • Nature Quest: Into those 'white eyes'

    The magnificence of the Oriental White-eye lies exactly where the name suggests. The round, white orbs nestling the iris, looking

  • Nature Quest: Elongated tortoise, shrinking habitat

    The elongated tortoise is a species of tortoise once found in different areas of the country including Sylhet.

  • Blooming Liliums

    Nature Quest: Liliums blooming in Bangladesh

    The first batch of Lilium flowers has been commercially farmed in two locations in Bangladesh -- Jhenidah and Dhaka.

  • Nature Quest: Bond with the birds

    Raba Begum, headmaster of Jogiborth Govt Primary School in Nodiachad Baor of Alfadanga upazila in Faridpur, transitions into a

  • Fish Eagles

    Nature Quest: A quest for eagle nest

    Cool morning air brushed against my face as I looked at the plains where countrymen were out on their fields--plowing, irrigating, or

  • New species of white bellied drongo found

    A species of drongo, not seen by experts in the country before, has been spotted in Rajshahi city's Shimla Park recently.

  • Nature Quest: Padma banks painted red

    A large flock of very rare and colourful birds has brightened the banks of Padma river near Rajshahi City recently. The birds called Painted Stork thronged the shallows and shoals before the birdwatchers and photographers of the city.

  • Nature Quest: Dredger danger for dolphins

    At least 16 dolphins (Platanista Gangetica) have been found dead in the last three months in the Halda, according to data found primarily by Halda River Research Institute.

  • Madan Tak gives birth in captivity

    The birth by a Madan Tak (Lesser Adjutant Stork) to four hatchlings over the past two months has elated officials and employees of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Safari Park in Gazipur.

  • Marbled cats still exist in Srimangal

    Unlike usual stories of animals nearing extinction, the forests of Moulvibazar brought forth an entirely different tale a couple of years ago.

  • Frog in lawachara forest

    Nature Quest: The scarlet stare

    As evening fell, the stillness of the Lawacherra was suddenly broken by a chorus of croaks. Each one lasted from between 100 to 600

  • Sparrows hiding in the leaves

    Nature Quest: The Den of Sparrows

    Every afternoon, thousands of sparrows from different areas of Pirojpur town congregate in a little banyan tree in Pirojpur Old Bus Terminal.

  • Nature Quest: Eden of egrets

    Unlike winter, monsoon is a quiet season for bird-watchers and travellers but the season holds its own beauty. For nature lovers, it's a

  • Nature Quest: The eye-catching foxtail orchid

    Have you ever spotted this orchid in our evergreen rainforests? If not, keep a close watch on the branches and the trunks of the

  • Nature Quest: A day out with flying dragons

    Almost tumbling down the damp and slimy slope, with thorny rattan snagging my arms, I struggled to keep my balance under

  • Blue beauty of Saint Martin's

    I could barely wait when I first heard that a pair of blue birds had temporarily made their home on the southernmost tip of our land. It might sound

  • Poor catches disappoint fishermen

    Several hundred fishermen yesterday went back home with poor catches of eggs from the Halda river, the largest and lone natural spawning ground for carp fish in the country.

  • Nature Quest: Delicate Dulichampa

    I have heard about Dulichampa many times from Prof Dwijen Sharma. But the chance to see its picture came in April 2008. The

  • Nature Quest: Grey peacock-pheasant of our hill forest

    The Pablakhali Wildlife Sanctuary in Rangamati, rarely visited by tourists or researchers, is beautiful with mighty garjan and civit trees and home to hundreds of Hill Mynahs and families of Hoolock Gibbons.