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  • Bangladesh Road Transport Bill 2018 placed in Jatiya Sangsad

    JS passes national budget FY 2018-19

    The Jatiya Sangsad passes the proposed Tk 4,64,573 crore national budget for 2018-19 fiscal year.

  • Bangladesh Road Transport Bill 2018 placed in Jatiya Sangsad

    Minister suggests lowering prices of liquor

    Housing and Public Works Minister Engr Mosharraf Hossain suggests cutting down customs duty on liquor for the sake of flourishing tourism in the country.

  • Remittance decreases

    No VAT on remittance: NBR

    No VAT or tax has been imposed on remittance in the proposed budget for 2018-19 fiscal year, the National Board of Revenue (NBR) says.

  • Bangladesh Road Transport Bill 2018 placed in Jatiya Sangsad

    MPs blast Muhith for bank scams

    ​Opposition and some of the ruling party lawmakers in the parliament criticises Finance Minister AMA Muhith for not stating any measures in the proposed budget for fiscal 2018-19 against irregularities in the financial and banking sectors.

  • South Asian Network on Economic Modeling-SANEM

    No directions on SDGs in proposed budget: SANEM

    The proposed budget for fiscal 2018-19 does not have any directions to meet the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), South Asian Network on Economic Modeling (SANEM) says.

  • Tax measures to hurt middle class

    The proposed budgetary measures for fiscal 2018-19 will benefit the high and low income people, leaving the middle- and lower middle-class, which form the majority of Bangladesh's population, strained, said the Centre for Policy Dialogue yesterday.

  • Raising revenue an uphill battle: businesses

    Chamber and trade body leaders yesterday said the government would struggle to generate higher revenue in the course of implementing the budget in the election year.

  • Rich to be barred from buying savings tools

    The government is going to connect the national savings certificate (NSC) buyers' database with that used in the creation of national identity (NID) cards to prevent the certificates from going into the hands of ineligible people.

  • Budget not realistic: analysts

    The proposed budget for the next fiscal year is unrealistic, as it lacks significant structural and policy changes, analysts said in their immediate reaction yesterday.

  • No prescription for 'slow' virus

    Fast-track projects, as the title suggests, are supposed to be implemented at breakneck speed because they boost economic activities once they are complete.

  • Jute mills to be revived by PPP initiatives

    The government will bring an end to the vulnerable situation public jute mills are in by running those under the public private partnership (PPP) model.

  • Corporate tax to rise for apparel

    The proposed rise in corporate tax will hurt the flow of fresh investment into the garment sector as entrepreneurs will feel discouraged to inject fresh funds, said the top leader of the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) yesterday.

  • Education lacks due attention

    As the government had formulated National Education Policy immediately after coming to power in 2009, educationists started advocating for spending at least six percent of the GDP for education.

  • DIGITAL SERVICES: When popular, made pricier

    Customer will have to pay more for products and service bought from one's mobile phone as the government yesterday introduced a 5 percent value-added tax on those from next fiscal year and also raised the surcharge on handset imports.

  • Lofty goals, fragile base

    It looks like another repeat story. We had a big budget that failed to achieve its targets. Now we are pushing for a bigger one with higher targets. But with the ground reality remaining the same, are we to see a story foretold for the next year?

  • Interest burden getting heavier

    Interest payments get the fourth highest allocation, which is also higher than the combined allocation for health, social security and welfare in the proposed budget for 2018-19.

  • Jobs there, not right skills

    Samidul Haque obtained a BBA degree from a private university a year ago.

  • Business-as-usual budget

    Finance Minister AMA Muhith presented the FY2018-19 national budget to parliament yesterday. This is a historic event in the sense that it is his tenth consecutive budget that reflects the continuity in fiscal management.

  • New squeeze for middle class

    Shifa Hosne and her husband have been saving up money to buy a small flat in the city, where property price is already way beyond the capacity of service holders with fixed income.

  • Supplementary Budget: Muhith says sorry for inadequate discussions

    For the first time in Bangladesh, a finance minister apologised for his inability to create an opportunity to hold elaborate discussions on supplementary budget in parliament.

  • Allocation of total government expenditure by sectors

    Fy 2018-19...

  • Bowing to banks

    The government is continuing to treat banks with kid gloves instead of going tough on them for the rampant financial irregularities and continued poor judgement.

  • History of Budget

    National Budget 2018-19 ....

  • No cheers in tax measures

    Every year when the budget is placed in the parliament, Taufiq Hasan, a 35-year-old private sector employee, gets all worked up about which products and services he would have to pay more the following fiscal year.

  • Digital marketing to come under tax net

    The government plans following in Europe's footsteps to tap digital marketing's popularity, with Finance Minister AMA Muhith yesterday proposing introducing provisions on taxing earnings of networking tech giants such as Facebook, Google and Youtube.

  • To win votes with bluff: BNP’s take on budget

    BNP strongly criticises the budget Finance Minister AMA Muhith placed in the parliament, saying it is imaginary and aimed to gain popularity ahead of the election.

  • Google-Facebook-YouTube-Amazon-Yahoo

    Muhith wants to have Facebook, Google, Youtube under tax net

    Finance Minister AMA Muhith proposes introduction of new provisions in the tax laws over the taxation of virtual and digital sectors, such as Facebook, Google, Youtube, on their incomes earned in Bangladesh.

  • Abul Maal Abdul Muhith National Budget FY 2018-19 Prees Conference

    Cherished dream still remains elusive: Muhith

    Finance Minister AMA Muhith says, though the country has achieved remarkable successes under his 10 years' tenure, the cherished dream still remains elusive.

  • Nothing new in budget fy 2018-19 Raushan Ershad

    Nothing new in budget: Raushon

    Terming the proposed budget “traditional”, Raushon Ershad, leader of the opposition in the parliament, says there is nothing new in it.

  • motor cars-houses- Budget FY 2018-19

    Owners of more than 1 car, house to face surcharge

    Owners of two motor cars or houses with an aggregate area of eight thousand square feet in a city corporation will have to pay 10 percent surcharge, Finance Minister AMA Muhith says in his budget speech.